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Best Books of the 21st Century [Infographic]

Are you a reading enthusiast? Start your New Year’s resolution out on the right foot and, select the perfect book to read! USC Rossier has compiled a list of 100 top-rated books published in this century. These are bestselling novels that have been selected from as well as Do you prefer to read popular fiction instead of literary fiction? Maybe you would like to get lost in a fantasy world or put on your detective hat to solve a mystery. If you can’t decide, this flowchart can help you navigate through different genres to find the perfect read for you.

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Best BooksSource: USC Rossier

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  • quillpenz

    I am happy to finally see a list that separates into discrete catagories, some that I have never thought about. This is perfect for bookies whether we agree with individual choices. In fact, using these catagories, I can make my own list and see where we agree.

    • sarahfudin

      Totally agree! Nice way to find a new book.

  • Pluckysod

    A list of best novels that includes one by Dan Brown? You must be joking.

  • Stacia

    Did “Humor” and “Historical” get switched under “Fiction for Kids”? I haven’t read “Diary of a WImpy Kid” but I sure wouldn’t call “The Book Thief” a humor book. Otherwise, really enjoyed the list.

  • Sarah Sager Lemire

    Is this available (or can it be made available) as a poster to share with my students?