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Gen Z & What does it mean in your classroom?

Generation Z, the Internet Generation, Digital Natives — these are a few of the names used to describe children born between the mid 1990s and the present. They grew up with computers and the World Wide Web, and they’re comfortable with all kinds of technology, from smart phones to MP3 players to iPads. Most of them conduct their social lives …

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How to Become a Teacher in North Carolina

Becoming a teacher in North Carolina is a wise move for anyone interested in working in the education, with teacher salaries there 28 percent above the state average. North Carolina’s public school system currently lacks the sufficient amount of teachers in science, mathematics and special education, meaning the demand is high for educators specializing in those subjects.
As with all teaching …

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Creative Ways to Get Parents Involved

Today, with the help of technology, there are many novel ways that parents can become involved in the educational process without necessarily coming to school. This is not to say, however, that traditional classroom participation by parents is unnecessary. Any way you do it, getting parents involved in the classroom and in their children’s education is a powerful method of …

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Best Apps for English Teachers

If you’re a teacher with an iPad, you’ve probably already discovered lots of fun apps, as well as a few that can boost your productivity. But did you know that several apps that can help you teach English language skills, reading and composition are also available? Here are some of the best apps for English teachers that we’ve found:
This free …

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St. Patrick’s Day Lesson Plans

St. Patrick’s Day is a Christian holiday that has gained national cultural relevance and can serve as an excellent subject for classroom discussion, games and activities. Although it is most well-known for its association with some customs that are not fit for the classroom, there are still many aspects of St. Patty’s Day that can be incorporated into your lesson …

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Thank a Teacher Thursday: Gifted & Talented Edition

It’s always Teacher Appreciation Day here on Thursdays and today we’ve decided to feature a group of educators who are most notable for their efforts in teaching to gifted and talented students! We’ll continue to spotlight a handful of individuals for Thank a Teacher Thursdays (#ThankaTeacher), who not only make a contribution to the classroom, but to the greater online …

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Writing in the MAT Program—and Beyond

This post was written by James Hayashi. James is the writing advisor for the MAT@USC and Rossier’s Masters Programs office. He earned his Master of Professional Writing from USC, and enjoys writing in the field of creative non-fiction in his (limited) free time.
As any student in the MAT@USC knows, writing—and writing well—is crucial to success in the program. …

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Most Loved Children’s Books [Infographic]

The month of March is considered National “March into Literacy” Month, and was created to promote reading among children. Literacy Month and its sponsor, Toys for Tots Literacy Program, work to increase opportunities for our nation’s most economically disadvantaged children by providing them with access to resources that can improve their ability to both read and communicate effectively. Since 2008, …

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Teaching Leap Day

This year is a leap year, which means that Leap Day will be celebrated on February 29. Since Leap Day only occurs once every four years, it’s a new experience for many elementary school students. This makes it a great opportunity for activities and lessons that center on the Earth’s rotation, the calendar or anything that can be tied to …

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Privacy Settings on Facebook for Teachers

Nowadays, an increasing amount of teachers are becoming friends with their students on Facebook. Some educators use Facebook to make themselves more accessible to students. Others use it to strengthen relationships or to connect with former students. Many classrooms even have a Facebook group for students to connect with and help one another.
Facebook is a wonderful tool for teachers, but …

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