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How To Save Our Educators [Infographic]

Keeping great teachers in the classroom is as much about retaining them as it is about hiring and training them. Yet while it can take educators approximately five years to master their craft, 30 percent of new teachers stop far short of that and leave the classroom within the first two years.

Teacher attrition is a real problem that many school systems face. In an effort to communicate the causes, consequences and solutions to this issue, USC Rossier has put together the following infographic that may shed some light on teacher turnover.

Please share this infographic with your favorite teachers and thank them for their dedication to the classroom.

USC Rossier Presents New Infographic- How To Save Our Educators

USC Rossier Presents Infographic- How To Save Our Educators

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  • Jennifer Gordievsky

    well done USC! Keep up the awesome info graphics!!

    • ephyall

      thank you Jennifer!

  • Anil Ramtel

    good research!!!!

    • ephyall

      Thanks for your support Anil!

  • J1977

    Good graphics.. Valuable information neatly presented. Teachers’
    devotion add value to our charter school. We, parents support teachers!..

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  • Joan Thomas

    There are persons who are natural master exceptional teachers from Day 1. I have observed them in the classrooms. Everything should be done to keep them happy and teaching in classrooms. Nothing is more important.

  • adil

    Good Presentation