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Most Loved Children’s Books [Infographic]

The month of March is considered National “March into Literacy” Month, and was created to promote reading among children. Literacy Month and its sponsor, Toys for Tots Literacy Program, work to increase opportunities for our nation’s most economically disadvantaged children by providing them with access to resources that can improve their ability to both read and communicate effectively. Since 2008, the literacy program has delivered more than 1 million books to hundreds of thousands of less fortunate children.

In an effort to support “March into Literacy” Month and our youth, we have created a both fun and informative infographic, “The Most Loved Children’s Books.” In it, we have recounted our favorite books as a way to celebrate children’s literature throughout the years. Help students reach their potential and create a lifelong love of reading by sharing this infographic. We encourage you to help us spread the importance of reading for our youth!

the most loved childrens books infographic the most loved childrens books infographic

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  • ipad 3 keyboard

    Voow. Infographics are everywhere now and they are such easy to visualize for us. My childhood favorite was “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. I find this book very creative.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad I was only able to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, HP series and Twilight Saga out of all the books listed here. But I glad three of my favorite books of all time made it in your list.

  • Aimee Byrd-Jackson

  • general insurance company

    During my childhood my favorite storybook was of Feluda’s.. Check it out am sure most of the people dont even know about it..

    • SAP Training

       Couldn’t agree with you more. My favorite was felude as well as bomkesh bokshi. Am sure you have heard of it. However Feluda was better for me.

      • Captain

         No shit! My favorite book was called F**king Spammers.

  • Michele Darmanin

    Are you able to help or refer me on to anyone who would be sincerely interested in donating a book to the school children of Viwa Island, Fiji?

    Here is the letter I have been sending to people to request their support with our worthwhile project.

    Thank you, Michele

    Urgent Attention: Publicity and Publishing Manager.Dear Sir / Madam,I would like to ask for your support in helping the school children located of Viwa Island in Fiji.This tiny island community is approximately 48 nautical miles northwest of Denarau, it is the most western island located at the bottom of the YasawaGroup. If you need to travel to and from the island it will take approximately 3.5 hours travelling by two boats before you reach the mainland of Fiji.Viwa Island has two small village communities and their children attend their island schools.The main school educates 66 children from Kindergarten through to Year 6.On the other side of the island it takes 1 hour walk through the dense bush to the tiny school with 6 kindergarten children only. The remote island schools provide their children with the opportunity to obtain an education whilst living on their unique isolated home.I believe it is absolutely essential for the children to have access to quality reading books so they may improve their english, reading and writing skills which in turn will ultimately assist them in gaining access to higher education or employment opportunities once they finish their schooling.I would be extremely gratefully for you to donate any books for the students of Viwa Island District School, suitable for kindergarten through to Year 6.By way of background, this project began with a small idea of sincerely wanting to help the school children receive quality reading books they can’t afford to buy themselves.I am not involved with any charity or connected to any other organisations in Australia. The plain truth is I am wife, a mother of two grown up children and currently unemployed. My husband and I visited Viwa Island for the time in November last year.When we returned home to Sydney we decided to organise two boxes of books to be sent to the school prior to Christmas.We received positive feedback from the teachers and students they were absolutely delighted to receive the 130 second hand reading books we provided.If you are able to support our worthwhile project in providing the school children with any reading or educational books.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.I thank you in advance for considering my request and look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.Kind regardsMrs Michele DarmaninWheeler Heights NSW 2097Sydney AustraliaMobile: 0405 326 080Email: Kindergarten class on Viwa Island Fiji.jpg

  • Monica Stint

    I can confidently say that the best way to persuade your children to read more is not convincing them that the world of imagination has brighter colours than expected but demonstrating it with your personal example. For the children in less fortunate position further efforts should be carried out like discussions with experts and guests who are eble to  initiate them into the secrecy of reading books. Company

  • Tania McCartney

    Absolutely brilliant. In Australia, the National Year of Reading 2012 is taking full effect to help counter illiteracy. It warms my heart.

  • Jessica Montoya

    I agree that getting your kids to read at a young age especially has to do with the pictures and what it does for their imagination. And teaching kids to read is what will open doors to success all through their lives. 

  • desiraeriffle

    Thanks for this great infographic! I love it. Created a book list on Riffle inspired by it: