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Teachers are Heroes [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is officially Teacher Appreciation Week, and we’ll continue to celebrate through Friday! Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated each year in the United States during the first full week of May, with Teacher Appreciation Day falling on Tuesday.

We are excited to launch an infographic to support teachers around the world for everything they do each and every day, but especially to honor them today! To thank teachers, our graphic, “Teachers are Heroes,” shares information and statistics about who teachers are, what they do and how they inspire us.

We encourage you to share the graphic below with teachers you know who have made a difference and touched the lives of their students. Enjoy, and thank you for all you do!

Teachers are Heroes Infographic

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  • Lu_bodeman

    VERY nice! Just copied/pasted it on my blog ( Thanks for sharing, and have an inspirational week! :-) 

  • amyb346

    Nice infographic. My only complaint is that it says “special needs kids”. Students always come first and it should say “kids with special needs”. 

  • Shamblesguru

    Might have been worth making it clear on the infographics that this is all about teachers in the USA. …. remember that the Internet is global.

    Just a suggestion ….

  • Anonymous

    Some startling statistics that represent the real state of teaching in this country! I get tired of people assuming I have these wonderfully long vacations, when, for example, this summer I am slated to attend 3 professional development conferences (all unpaid) as well as articulation days to plan for the year ahead with my colleagues. Great infographic!

    • iPhone Application Developer

      Great answer, keep it up.

  • James OReilly

    Non-Accountable Teachers are Not Heroes > Shutdown Education Corruption

  • James OReilly

    ERIC Database provides 24,143 hits for “accountability” A thesaurus term is also tagged with “Accountability”

  • Bali Villas

    I am sure this post was really useful and will serve as reminder to the people to take good vacation on holidays.

  • Mr.Nawapanya Daoswangsiriwilai

    It could be much better if we have the infographic to educate people in each community around the world and it could be seen in everywhere for example at the bus stops, public parks, etc.

    With Best Wishes,
    Nawapanya, Thailand.

  • Mr.Nawapanya Daoswangsiriwilai

    We are a the teacher of each other.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure this infographic would have been shared far and wide if only you hadn’t included that shout out to the revolving-door Teach For America crew at the bottom.  TFA is sometimes referred to as Teach For Awhile because the organization requires only a 2-year commitment from its candidates, and anyone who’s ever been a teacher knows that teaching proficiency cannot be adequately developed in only two years.  That’s why teachers in many states remain on probationary status during their first three years in a district — my own state is increasing the probationary period to four years!  Those of us with 10 years of experience still value the wisdom of veterans in our buildings who’ve spent 20+ years in the classroom.  It takes t-i-m-e and experience to become a great teacher.

  • Robyn Shulman

    Thank you for sharing this infographic.  I really like it.  The section that shows half of the teachers quit the profession within 5 years makes a very loud statement, and calls for discussion.