Guided Practice Mild to Moderate Disabilities

This course provides participants with the opportunities to translate theory into classroom application in order to gain an understanding of the teaching-learning process in the special education context. Participants will apply learning theories, content knowledge and the pedagogical repertoire of skills acquired in the MAT/ME general education courses and specific special education courses. These courses provide the basis for decision-making that positively affects student learning. The course provides candidates with experience working in K—12 classrooms serving students who are typically developing, and with students who are diagnosed with mild to moderate disabilities. Candidates engage in planning, implementing and evaluating effective educational practices under the supervision of a university supervisor, a teacher credentialed in general education and a credentialed special education mentor teacher. Special education teacher candidates must be placed in settings where they are engaged in the IEP process in collaboration with families, support services professionals and general education teachers. Particular emphasis is given to experiences that help increase special education students’ overall effectiveness as their teachers address the needs of all students and their families in a culturally responsive manner.