Dieuwertje “DJ” Kast graduated from the Rossier Master of Arts in Teaching program with a science credential. DJ is the director of education for the USC Dornsife's Young Scientist Program (YSP), USC NAI School science education coordinator and Wonderkids STEM program manager.

Science at Sea: USC Rossier Alumna with NOAA's Teacher at Sea Program

DJ Kast, alumna of USC Rossier's online teaching degree, provides insight into her time at the National Oceanic and Atmosphereic Administration (NOAA)'s Teacher at Sea Program where she worked as a Marine Biology Research Methods Instructor.

Student Spotlight: Dieuwertje Kast | Chino, CA

My name is Dieuwertje “DJ” Kast, and I am currently writing this blog from the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies on Catalina Island. I am here with a group …