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Student Spotlight: Jessica Suess | Los Gatos, CA

Hello Trojans! I’m Jessica Suess, a full-time student in USC Rossier’s online Master of Arts in Teaching with single subject credential program.

Focus on High-Needs Schools for Equal Opportunity

This post was written by Michelle Curtis, she has a background in nonprofit work and is excited about improving people’s lives. Learn more about Michelle here.
Image via Dell’s Official …

Spotlight: Michael Pohyar | Dublin, CA

There you are, sitting in class, daydreaming the time away. How many more minutes until this period is over? Oh God, is that clock even moving?! You would’ve preferred to …

Student Spotlight: Stefany Olmos | Corona, CA

My name is Stefany Olmos and I am a current student in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at USC. Getting to the place where I am right now hasn’t been as easy as some people may think.

Increasing Participation In Asian Classroom Settings (Part II)

From my experience teaching Thai students in Bangkok, I’ve learned a lot about helping my students become more vocal in class, share their opinions, and ask more questions. By introducing some of the individualistic elements of Western culture into a classroom of Thai students raised in a collectivist culture...