Expanding the Trojan Network in South Korea

Evan visiting the Gyeongbokgung in Seoul, South Korea

Annyeonghasseo from Seoul, South Korea! As USC Rossier Online’s first International Field Admissions Counselor, I am really excited to be in Seoul, learning more about a unique education system and seeking out, informing and supporting candidates for USC Rossier’s Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Arts in Teaching – TESOL, and the Master of Education in Advanced Instruction degree programs. We have a wonderful group of students over here in South Korea, and my mission is to not only strengthen the Trojan network in existence but also to expand it!

Seoul is a truly dynamic place; each neighborhood I explore has its own vibe and I’ve enjoyed visiting some of the sites including Gyeongbokgung, The War Memorial of Korea and the N Seoul Tower, which has beautiful cityscape views and is one of the tallest towers in the world. There is a lot to see, learn about and experience!

As a self-proclaimed food enthusiast, my dining experiences have also been great. I’ve been able to eat a variety of cuisines—from Korean, South African and Thai, to Nepalese, Greek, Middle Eastern and Mexican. Street vendors also sell some unique options for daytime and late-night snacks such as tteokbokki, which are rice cakes in a spicy red sauce and oh-deng, which is a skewer of fish cakes mixed with different spices and boiled in a special broth (two of my new favorites)! I look forward to continuing to expand my palate while I am here! I see food as a way to better understand people, and some of the best conversations happen while eating a meal.

Evan Siegel snacks on street vendor cuisine

Meeting with alumni, current students and prospective USC Rossier Online candidates, has reinforced the fact that teachers here want to be able to pursue a high-quality, valuable degree even if they are not able to be on campus in Los Angeles, California. Candidates want to be able to interact and collaborate with their peers and with our live classes and video chat-based platform, they’re able to build relationships and become reflective practitioners. Furthermore, those that have graduated have been very competitive candidates for teaching jobs in settings ranging from elementary school through university and adult language center teaching opportunities, which is a testament to the flexibility and wide applicability of the degrees themselves.

Evan and Matt fight on!

Matthew Jellick, a graduate of the Master of Arts in Teaching – TESOL program, has been in South Korea for a few years now and has a great perspective on the teaching jobs and opportunities afforded to candidates who earn a high-quality master’s degree. As a fellow Trojan, I was thrilled to meet him to get the lowdown regarding places to go and things to try! His perspective as a student who completed the MAT – TESOL program abroad is invaluable, and the fact that he still sees some of his peers located in South Korea for meals and meet-ups is awesome. Evidence like this is proof that I am entering into an exceptional network of alumni here in South Korea and I am excited to support and expand this network.

If you’re located in South Korea and interested in learning more about taking the next step toward earning a Master of Arts in Teaching, definitely reach out to me at my email address or call 010-4883-0442. Also, join Matthew and I for an information session in Seoul, Korea on Saturday, March 22.

Evan Siegel graduated from the University of Rochester in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and Spanish. He earned his Master of Science in Education: Secondary Spanish in 2011. He has been working as a domestic Admissions Counselor for USC Rossier Online for the last 2 years and is excited to offer his experience to seek out, inform and support potential MAT and MAT TESOL candidates here in South Korea! Some of his hobbies include meeting new people, working out, watching movies, exploring unique restaurants, traveling and getting creative in the kitchen!

Check back soon for more stories from Evan and his adventures in Seoul on the USC Rossier Online Blog.