First Online Gaming in Ed Conference with Founder Steve Hargadon


Interested in the future of online gaming in education? We caught up with Steve Hargadon, founder of Learning Revolution Project and Web 2.0 Labs and host of the Future of Education interview series, to find out more about the upcoming Gaming in Ed conference.

What is the Gaming in Ed conference?

The inaugural Gaming in Ed conference is a free online conference being held September 15–19. The conference has six fantastic keynote speakers and 15 regular sessions.
Gaming in Ed is one of a series of live, online events I hold focused on learning, all under the umbrella of Those who join the site get a weekly email newsletter listing free and open professional development from us and from our more than 200 partner organizations.

Why is gaming important in education?

Gaming in Ed celebrates the value that games offer in educational settings: a safe environment for taking on new roles, opportunities for creative problem solving and experimenting and learning from failure. When done well, games can foster collaboration, strengthen critical and systems thinking, pose adaptive challenges and spark inquiry. With guidance from educators, students aren’t just players, but critical evaluators of games and game designers themselves.

How did it start?

We’ve had the idea for this particular event for a couple of years, but it wasn’t until we were able to bring on BrainPOP as a sponsoring organization that we knew we could pull it off.

Who can attend?

Anyone can attend, including teachers, students, librarians, researchers and game designers. Maybe we’ll even get a few parents! Watch the 2014 Gaming in Ed promo video.

What sessions are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to all the sessions! One of the benefits of an online, free event is that all of the recordings are also posted and free, so even though you can’t attend every session, you don’t risk missing any that you really care about.

How does one participate in the conference?

To attend the conference, visit Registration is not required to attend the sessions, but we encourage it so that we can keep attendees updated on future events and any important news during the conference.

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