How to Find Great Teaching Fellowships

Teaching fellowships are an integral part of becoming a classroom-ready teacher. As internships are to many professional industries, fellowships are to teaching. So given their importance, how do you go about finding the right teaching fellowship for you? A simple Google search will yield more than 5,000,000 results. Here are some tips on how to find great teaching fellowships:

1. Search Your College/University:
The perfect place to start your search is with your university or schools in the surrounding area. They often have quite a few resources for Master’s degree students who are looking to get some real-world classroom experience. Begin with the career services portion of your school’s website.

2. Search by Region:
Cities and states often offer their own teaching fellowship programs. If you know you want to get teaching experience in a particular area, you should check out regional teaching fellowships. Many states offer fellowships for specific high-need cities. Check your city or state’s Department of Education, or run a web search for teaching fellowship opportunities in your desired area.

3.Search by Subject:
Finding the perfect teaching fellowship is about finding the program that’s most suited to your interests and ambitions. For this reason, it makes sense to narrow your search by the subject you are most avid about teaching. Here are some examples:

If these do not appeal to you, a search by subject on the Internet will yield other interesting results.

4. Explore Independent Teaching Fellowship Organizations:
Some of the best teaching fellowship opportunities are offered by private, nationwide organizations. One of the most popular is Teach for America, which places more than 4,500 recent graduates in high-need areas. You should also explore AmeriCorps, which offers teaching fellowships through Citizen Schools. Some other great programs include:

5. Other Great Fellowship Resources
If the methods listed above still leave you wanting more, try these other helpful teaching fellowships and networking resources: