I like the question “where do you see yourself in X number of years?” because the answer I give rarely ever comes to fruition.  Don’t get me wrong; I believe that goal setting, time management, and self-regulation are extremely important aspects of being successful in any endeavor one pursues.  Such motivational skills have been reinforced through the MAT@USC program, both in the subject matter and in getting my assignments done on time!  It just seems that no matter what long-term goals I set and where I envision myself in the future, “life happens”, and I end up somewhere I could not have predicted.

I have found so far that experiences like the MAT@USC program help open up an immeasurable number of opportunities.  Where do I see myself in five years?  I see myself teaching ESL in South Korea, or fresh out of law school ready to champion education reform in the legal forum, or teaching at one of the local schools in the USC Family of Schools, or teaching back at the California high school where I graduated.  I like the idea that here, in the MAT@USC, I am gaining the tools I need to go out and be a contributing member of the field of education.  I am just unsure of exactly what my role will be.

What inspired me to want to be a teacher? I think it is the challenge: the challenge of making a difference in young people’s lives and the challenge of making a difference in the field of education.  But what I am really interested in is finding out what training to be a teacher will inspire me to do next.

Fight On!