Meeting my fellow peers – in person!

I wanted to write a post about how it was to actually meet other students in my program.  I went to the 100th Birthday Anniversity for the Rossier School at USC and there were about 15 other MAT students there.  Heather Dexter (the very cool tech support/counselor/admin for everything go -to person) was also there from Maryland and I got to sit next to her at lunch.

Some of my peers that I met are from San Diego and there was one from Maryland as well.  It was great to meet everyone in person and discuss the program thus far.  I also got to spend some time with Melora Sundt, my professor from The Framing Experience (the first official class of the program); if you can get her for a professor, I highly recommend her.  She was SO helpful when it came to helping me with my papers, giving my information about taking the CBEST and CSET to taking time out of her busy schedule to meet me at USC one Wednesday afternoon in early June.  She gave me a tour of the Rossier School and I got to meet other professors and the dean.  I felt like I was really going to school on campus!  Everyone made me feel a part of the school, making the “online distance learning” feel more personal and real.

The more and more time that I spend with my “online” MAT peers helps me to realize that online distance learning isn’t really that much less personal than taking classes on the campus.  Since I have met several students from around southern California, I feel more connected to USC, while at the same time, I still feel connected to my friends in Ohio, Maryland, and Kentucky since we meet online weekly for discussions.

Fight on!