My Hero of Education: An AMAZING "Pioneer" in Education!

I currently observe an AP US history teacher that at my local high school as part of my Master of Arts In Teaching curriculum. He teaches with enthusiasm, keeps the students engaged for 90+ minutes and has the ability to demand students’ respect.  How many teachers can say that they do this – successfully?

My teacher is one of those teachers who can influence a student’s life permanently and he is the type of teacher that you would invite to your wedding because he had such a profound effect on you in the classroom.  I feel that he will become the standard of how to teach in the classroom.  He knows how to understand the student, he empathizes with the student and, at the same time, pushes the student to become better academically.

Since he teaches mostly honor courses, he knows that he must set a high standard for each student.  (Although even if he was teaching a regular course, I think that he would set a high standard too – I don’t think that it matters which course he is teaching.)  He treats all of the students equally and always gives compliments and encouragement.  The teacher definitely sets an expectation of hard work while constantly stimulating the students’ minds and probing for in-depth questions and answers.  He always goes the “extra mile” for his students and he is definitely my standard for my future classroom!

Haley is a member of the first MAT@USC cohort. She is currently seeking her online teaching credential to become a history teacher in California.