My History Class Observation

I would like to tell you about an observation experience I had during my Framing Experience Class while working on my master of teaching program.  After graduating, I would like to teach high school history so I observed a ninth grade honors history class.

On the day of my observation, the students were memorizing their world geography (I think they had a final exam coming up). The teacher, Mr. C, made the class entertaining while maintaining the high standard of academics.  I interviewed him after the class.  He has a very professional manner about him, but he “gets” the students.  He understands the teenage mind.  He understands how they think and how they might respond.  He can anticipate their answers.

I hope to have that characteristic as a teacher.  This is my favorite age group and Mr. C made me excited to think that I could be teaching history in a year or two.  His students were very attentive during the class, as he would call upon the students at random times.  I think that his strategy of calling upon students randomly has a good effect upon the students; most of them seemed to have their homework finished and ready with the answer if called upon.  I’m glad that this was my first high school history class that I observed because I am so excited to start teaching!

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