My Journey to the MAT@USC, or Why I love History

My name is Haley Hiatt and I am SO excited to part of the master of arts in teaching program!  I have always LOVED history since I was in elementary school.  I would like to share 2 experiences about why I have a passion for history and want to incorporate it into my future teaching experiences.  The first experience occurred in tenth grade.  My world history teacher’s name was Mr. Feldmeth.  The class was difficult and rigorous, but I did well in it, which started my real passion for history.  He told me one day that he could see me teaching.  That may have sparked the idea for me.  I was also a teaching assistant for two history classes, Popular Culture in America and San Francisco History, at Brigham Young University.  These were two very challenging classes for the students (I took the classes before I T/Aed).  Each exam would take between 4-5 hours, but I LOVED the content!  The teacher, Dr. Fox, was very organized, and had different mediums to present, ie projector illustrations, white board lectures, and video clips.  It was academically stimulating and challenging.  My passion for history continued to grow after taking these classes and T/Aing for them.

I have always wanted to get a Master’s degree (and possibly a Ph.D. someday).  Eighteen months ago, my daughter, Emma Claire Hiatt, was born.  I knew that it would almost be impossible to go to school full time and take care of Emma full time.  I had researched previous online programs and on-campus programs, searching for one that would enable me to stay with Emma and go to school.  I did not find any.  I moved to Los Angeles during the summer of 2008.  I started researching several graduate programs in the area and happened upon the MAT@USC.  I did some investigation and realized that this was the perfect program for me!  I applied, was accepted, and started April 20, 2009.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to go to school full time and take care of my daughter.

I hope to be teaching (or looking for a job) at this time next year.  I feel that my master’s degree from USC will help me to become marketable in the education field.  I see myself teaching history five years from now (hopefully all subjects of history, including world history, European history, and American history).  My expected graduation date from USC is May 2010.  I am SO excited to have the opportunity to be in the classroom and teach history!