My new friends

I feel so connected to all of my peers/colleagues in the master of arts in teaching program.  I have made a lot of friends whom I have gotten to know over the past couple months.  One of my MAT@USC friends just had her second baby (who is absolutely adorable!), another friend is currently living in London with her husband and two boys, another is traveling around Europe, including London and Paris, and one just started teaching high school history in Park City, Utah.  Although many of my MAT@USC peers/friends do not live near me in southern California, I feel connected to them almost daily.  The MAT@USC has a great feature on 2SC that allows me to see who is online whenever I log in.  I also have many of my friends on Gmail chat, including my professors so I have almost unlimited access to them.  I have also connected with many of my peers on Facebook, which allows us to get to know each other better.

My professors are extremely accessible with email, Facebook, and our 2SC website chat with camera and microphone.  I can request a study session and within 24 hours, my professors will respond and let me know when we can meet.

What a perfect time to begin the MAT@USC program!  Because we live in such a technologically advanced society, I feel that I am not really missing out on meeting with my peers and professors in person.  Meeting with them through the internet almost feels as if I am talking to them in person.

Thank you MAT@USC for helping me to feel connected and a part of the Trojan family without having to step on the USC campus!