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Science at Sea: USC Rossier Alumna with NOAA's Teacher at Sea Program

DJ Kast, alumna of USC Rossier's online teaching degree, provides insight into her time at the National Oceanic and Atmosphereic Administration (NOAA)'s Teacher at Sea Program where she worked as a Marine Biology Research Methods Instructor.

Reimagining STEM Education: SXSWedu 2016

Esteemed USC Rossier faculty have the opportunity to present a panel at SXSWedu in March 2016. "Teaching Integrated STEM in Teacher Education" addresses the critical (and national) need for STEM curriculum changes in K-12 and teacher education curriculum. The voting process is open until Friday, September 4th. Learn more about STEM in teacher education and how you can vote.

Pop Culture vs. Polonius: How the Common Core Favors 'Serial' Over Shakespeare

Acquisition of reading skills should take priority over knowledge of a Renaissance play. Learn how one teacher is strengthening his students' reading and communication skills with stories from pop culture, not Polonius.


Creating Safe Spaces: Lesson Plans for Social-Emotional Learning

USC Rossier School of Education has created a lesson plan guide to act as a mental health resource for teachers and classrooms, as well as students in our online teaching degree programs. “Creating Safe Spaces” offers activities that strengthen students’ social-emotional skills, while focusing on social-emotional wellness as a tool for combating bullying in and outside of the classroom.

Book Review: “#EdJourney: A Roadmap to the Future of Education”

Can K–12 schools meet the challenge of preparing students for the rapidly changing real world, and if so, how?

STEM Through Play: Bringing Educators & Researchers Together

Speedometry is a STEM curriculum using Hot Wheels in the classroom, and is co-created with Mattel Children’s Foundation and the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education. In part four of our four-part blog series, Morgan Polikoff offers further insight into Rossier/Mattel’s Speedometry partnership and pilot program, and identifies areas of future work.