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Paperwork Girl and boy (5-10) playing violins in music class, smiling

Teaching Salary in California

In the state public school system, teacher salary in California is determined by individual school districts. According to the Sacramento Bee, the average teacher salary in 2011 was $67,871. Districts with the highest average teacher salaries in California are located near Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Teacher Withitness

As I ruminate on my weaknesses as a teacher, I thought I would share some of the information on the Internet about teacher withitness (with-it-ness)...

Four Days in the Life of a Substitute Teacher

This week I spent four days with a group of eighth graders in an urban school, substitute teaching for various members of their teaching team.  The first two days I stood in for the social studies teacher.  Then I stood in for a math teacher...

How to Find Great Teaching Fellowships

Teaching fellowships are an integral part of becoming a classroom-ready teacher. As internships are to many professional industries, fellowships are to teaching. So given their importance, how do you go about finding the right teaching fellowship for you?..