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Q&A With MAT Student Sandra Garcia

Sandra Garcia is a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) student from South El Monte, California, where she lives with her husband and two sons. Learn more about Garcia’s time in the online MAT program and her plans for the future.

What Does Being a "Leader" Really Mean?

Fredrica Piphus Singletary is a student in the EdD in Organizational Change and Leadership program at the USC Rossier School of Education. For her guest post Fredrica reflects on the completion of her first year in the EdD-OCL program and redefines what being a leader really means. 

More than 140 Characters: New Trends in Teacher DIY Professional Development

Move over Twitter, there are some new kids on the teacher DIY PD block.

Q/A with Christine Rightnar, USC Rossier MAT Graduate

Christine Rightnar, graduate of the online Master of Arts in Teaching program in 2010, is a third and fourth grade teacher in Moreno Valley, California.

Teaching Preparation: Mirroring Approaches for Teacher and Student Success

By Julie Slayton, Professor of Clinical Education and Ronni Ephraim, Chief Academic Officer, 2U Retired

As two educators who have spent a significant portion of our professional and personal lives working to ensure that all of our K-12 students have access to high quality instruction in safe and supporting learning environments, we would like to offer our thoughts about why we think the Master of Arts in Teaching program at the USC Rossier School of Education stands above and apart from other teacher preparation programs across the United States.

8 Must-Follow Education Pinners & Boards on Pinterest

These pinners are at the head of their class.