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Book Review: "Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration"

Doorley and Witthoft's book outline the 5 essential tips for turning your classroom into a creative, collaborative environment.

#InclusiveSpaces: Classroom Design for Every Learner

Let's close the gap between classroom research and real-life classrooms. Join the #InclusiveSpaces campaign and help advocate for classrooms that meet the needs of every learner.

My USC Rossier Experience: How an MAT Changed My Life

MAT-TESOL alum Sherrie Lee ('13) recounts how earning her MAT online with USC Rossier changed her life.

Book Review: "Teaching for the Two-Sided Mind: A Guide to Right Brain/Left Brain Education"

Teaching the Two-Sided Mind: A Guide to Right Brain/Left Brain Education (1983) explores how educators should take students' learning styles into account when teaching in the classroom.

The Science of Classroom Design [Infographic]

Is your classroom a brain-friendly learning environment? See what science has to say.

USC Rossier Hosts Student Panel Webinar

USC Rossier recently held a live student panel webinar featuring two recent graduates of the program: Peggy Khoury and Robert Mijares. The panel was organized to allow graduates to share their experiences in the program and answer questions from the audience.