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My USC Rossier Experience: How an MAT Changed My Life

MAT-TESOL alum Sherrie Lee ('13) recounts how earning her MAT online with USC Rossier changed her life.

Book Review: "Teaching for the Two-Sided Mind: A Guide to Right Brain/Left Brain Education"

Teaching the Two-Sided Mind: A Guide to Right Brain/Left Brain Education (1983) explores how educators should take students' learning styles into account when teaching in the classroom.

The Science of Classroom Design [Infographic]

Is your classroom a brain-friendly learning environment? See what science has to say.

USC Rossier Hosts Student Panel Webinar

USC Rossier recently held a live student panel webinar featuring two recent graduates of the program: Peggy Khoury and Robert Mijares. The panel was organized to allow graduates to share their experiences in the program and answer questions from the audience.

The Back to School Checklist for Higher Education

The September 2015 cohort is here. Are you prepared? Here is a checklist of everything you will need to ensure your success in pursuing your graduate degree — online or otherwise. 

Teaching with Twitter [Infographic]

Teachers and students are turning to social media to help inform their learning. This infographic looks at different ways teachers can use Twitter to inform their professional development and classroom practices.