8 Must-Follow Education Pinners & Boards on Pinterest

Educators and educational institutions are two powerful forces on Pinterest. That makes narrowing a list down into a select few Power Pinners to follow quite a challenge. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite educators, schools and education media boards to follow, but this is by no means a comprehensive list.  


First and foremost, we recommend Pinterest’s own list of educators to follow. These teachers are great on their own, and they also work together to curate boards for their subject areas. Every single one of them is worth a follow.

Focused on the younger crowd (preschool through second grade, with a few tips for older students), teacher Bonnie Kathyrn curates a fun and comprehensive set of boards with thousands of pins each. That makes her a one-stop shop for resources like worksheets, quotes and classroom decor. She also does an excellent job of sorting through Teachers Pay Teachers resources to find the best of the best. 

With 95 boards and 23,100 pins to date, Charity Preston covers it all. She has tips for differentiated instruction, professional development, projects students can make for parents, and keeping students engaged, as well as projects for specific holidays, like Johnny Appleseed Day. It would be hard to browse her board and not find something you can use.

Educational Institutions and Organizations

The Teach For America boards are great for teachers in every stage of their career, but they’re particularly well-suited to teachers who are just starting out. There are tips for future teachers, decorating the classroom and eating right. There are tips for teaching everything from middle school ELA to world languages. Teach for America does a great job of providing resources while also building community.

5. NEA Today

As one of the largest teacher unions in the country, you better bet that the publication put out by the National Educators Association (the NEA) has a great Pinterest presence. From tips on navigating the Common Core to suggestions on how to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day, the boards here will educate and inspire. You’ll also find literacy tips, tips on creating safe schools, general teacher inspiration, lesson plans, and a few crafty tips on how to make your classroom look like a creative haven.

Educational Media Outlets

This is Pinterest’s own set of boards devoted specifically to the education community. Each board is led by a different teacher or set of teachers handpicked by Pinterest itself. You’ll find boards that cover every grade, a wide range of subject and intervention areas, and education blogs. There’s even a board devoted to the work of Roald Dahl. Now that’s our kind of board.

7. Edutopia

The popular Edutopia board — they have almost 84,000 followers — offers everything from resources for new teachers to teaching social-emotional learning (SEL). As a leading education publication and one that often covers the most innovative methods and the teachers who use them, the Edutopia board offers the latest and greatest in just about every area of teaching you can imagine. The mobile classroom, digital citizenship and design thinking are all areas that are featured here.

The Education World Pinterest presence is among the most versatile and comprehensive out there. Here you’ll find everything from reviews of educational sites, apps and programs to classroom decoration tips. Do a little professional development, and brush up on how to prevent bullying while also gathering lesson plans and worksheets across the grades.

More Teachers to Follow

More Education Media to Follow

Power Pinners, educational institutions and educational publications all have a presence on Pinterest. Simply follow the ones that interest you, and you’re sure to find a wealth of resources and inspiration for your classroom. But don’t be afraid to unfollow, too. As you find your niche — and there are many of them on Pinterest — it’s a good idea to narrow your focus to the kind of boards you know you’ll feel passionate about.