‘Road to TEACH’ Documentary: Free Screening

“On your tombstone at the end of the day, they’re gonna see three things: your birth date, that dash, and your death date. The thing that has the most importance to me is that dash…What happened in your life during the time you were born and the time you passed away? What defines you as a person?”
Gregory Carroll, CEO, American Jazz Museum

What defines us as a person, as a teacher, as a member of the education community? What is in our dashes? This idea of one’s journey is the focal point The Road to TEACH — a documentary by Participant Media that follows the lives of Nadia, Rafi and Grace – three aspiring teachers through their journey to better-understand the opportunities, rewards and vital need for passionate educators.

Meeting with activists, policy makers, social entrepreneurs and inspiring teachers, their coast-to-coast road trip was fueled by their need to answer the question “What does education and being an educator even mean?”

What does it mean to be an educator? The USC Rossier School of Education invites you to learn more. We’re hosting a free, online screening of the documentary throughout the month of May. Watch the film here anytime between now and May 31, 2015.

 What do you think it means to be an educator? Share your thoughts with us @USCTeacher with the hashtag #RoadtoTeach.