Six USC Rossier Online Doctorate Students Attend ASU+GSV

In 2014, Dean Karen Symms Gallagher announced the first online doctorate degree, in partnership with 2U Inc, at the annual ASU+GSV Summit in Arizona. Dean Gallagher said that the Doctor of Education (EdD) in Organizational Change and Leadership program was developed “to create the leaders we need to keep educational organizations dynamic.”

The ASU+GSV Summit brings together thought leaders in education, technology and policy to share insights and create new connections to improve and accelerate learning around the world. This year, six doctoral students in the EdD program, all of whom are working professionals in educational organizations, are attending the ASU+GSV Summit as Noodle Innovation Scholars.

We are excited that our USC Rossier students will be part of the ASU+GSV Summit and can share their insights after the event on this blog.

USC Rossier EdD students attending the ASU+GSV Summit include:

  • Lauren Sullivan, Senior Director, Office of Student Affairs, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing
  • Louis D’Anjou, Computer Literacy Teacher, Dr. Charles C. Polk Elementary School
  • Brett Decker,Director, White House Writers Group and Adjunct Professor of Government, Johns Hopkins University
  • George Klein, Middle School Assistant Principal, Somerset County Public Schools
  • Eric Fecht, Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Teacher, Abu Dhabi Education Council
  • Jin Michael Fung, Director of Planning and Institutional Research,
    The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Dean Gallagher and USC representatives Alan Arkatov, Katzman/Ernst Chair for Educational Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation, Ken Yates, Associate Dean of Professional Development and Associate Professor of Clinical Education, and Doug Lynch, faculty member at the USC Rossier School of Education, will also be joining. A dozen other USC Rossier students from its renowned masters and doctoral programs were also awarded scholarships for GSV/ASU attendance.

USC Rossier students were selected as Innovation Scholars through a competition in which Dean Gallagher and other faculty reviewed one-page elevator pitch ideas about education and change.

Here is one example (and a glimpse) of a winning essay entitled “Synthesize This” from our EdD candidate Louis D’Anjou:

…I posit a learning experience that embraces formal game-mode, anytime, anywhere — learning experiences that are common core based, standardized, rigorous and relevant. The game-mode based adaptive learning App embraces and exploits the innate competitiveness of the K-12 learners. An experience that results in fully engaged K-12 (digital natives) learners and enhances core competencies, collaboration and communication.

… The App will provide learners with experiences that are game driven, interactive, fun, engaging and immersed in an amalgamation of the core subjects and art electives. It will also enable differentiated instruction with Voice to Text, Magnified text and Braille Keys etc. The App promotes higher order thinking skills with focus on analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Adaptive personalized learning that differentiates experiences in terms of content, pace and sequence is also integral to the design of this App.

…Imagine if you will, K-12 schools transitioning gracefully towards a community and cultural center model. Learners would be immersed in a school setting that has, as its core mission, vision and values aligned with some of Dewey’s notions with regards to the reflective process, human flourishing and well being. It promotes socialization, cultural, sports and artistic events. More importantly, schools will provide learners with ample space and time to rest (not idleness), ‘looking-in,’ wandering and daydreaming.

This initiative would require a coordinated effort between disparate parties including corporations, academia, teachers, unions, school districts, federal and state agencies, etc. to work in concert for the greater and common good of our K–12, 21st century learners. It will also provide the technology skill set learners need to be successful in their personal and professional career endeavors. This radical initiative could also help with reestablishing the competitive advantage of our learners and ultimately the nation…

In addition to the unique learning opportunity that the ASU+GSV Summit will provide, our students are also enthusiastic about having face time with other students and professionals: “I’m looking forward to interacting with fellow students from Harvard, Stanford, and ASU. It would also be really interesting to network with a mix of educators, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, and to explore in conversations the possibilities of what can be done in Asia,” said USC Rossier EdD Candidate Jin Michael Fung.

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