Teacher Appreciation Week Resources

Teacher Appreciation Week 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4–8, 2015) is a week to honor, celebrate and appreciate our teachers, especially their contribution to students and communities across the world. There are dozens of resources and successful programs that teachers, school administrators and communities can use to make Teacher Appreciation Week especially unique and memorable. Here are a few available resources.

Resources for Teacher Appreciation Week

  • The National Parent Teacher Association website is a great starting point for teacher appreciation purposes and ideas. The site offers useful resources and information that focuses on systemic and ongoing teacher recognition.
  • The National Education Association focuses on the Day of the Teacher, which falls on May 5 this year. This site includes easy-to-use resources, ideas and activities on how to commemorate National Teacher Day.
  • Pinterest is a natural clearinghouse and public space for sharing great ideas, projects, activities and creative interpretations. Do a quick search in Pinterest to find creative Teacher Appreciation Week activities and décor ideas for the classroom.
  • Education World has compiled a master list of 65 ways to shine a light onto teachers. This is a great resource if you’re looking for past initiatives that have recognized our teachers.
  • ActivityVilliage has a collection of ready-made resources including templates, designed cards, and other items that students, parents and administrators can use to show teachers extra gratitude during Teacher Appreciation Week

As we teach students to demonstrate gratitude and say thank you to those who impact their lives, we are also reminded that it doesn’t stop with teachers. Many schools have sponsored specific days and celebrations to appreciate everyone who makes schools a better place. They are secretaries and classified staffs, custodians, kitchen or lunchroom staffs, bus drivers, nurses and others. So, during Teacher Appreciation Week and every day before and after, we can challenge everyone to thank people that support them in a variety of ways. Here are some resources to extend beyond the standard teacher appreciation gesture, so we can further express gratitude for the contributions of others in the community.

Appreciating the Other Members of the Education Community

National Day Calendar offers guidelines to recognize and appreciate custodians as part of the National Custodian Recognition Day. However, ideas and resources here can really be adapted for year-round use.

Lunchroom Staff
In addition to custodians, it is important to honor the school heroes who serve school lunches and feed students every day. The School Nutrition Association has an entire program to recognize them.

Bus Drivers

In the spirit of extending our school-wide gratitude and appreciation, bus drivers are group that students and staff members could get excited to recognize. Indeed, the Tennessee Association of Pupil Transportation has developed an entire week of activities to show appreciation to those that get our students to and from school safely every day.

Local Heroes
Finally, we also need to teach our students to take their gratitude skills off campus as well. Every community has local heroes and servants that students can learn from and appreciate. Here are a few ideas and resources aimed at honoring heroes outside the classroom.

Lists are often helpful when showing students and others the wide variety of ideas and ways to implement a project. This is a guaranteed winner in terms of the topic and a host of ideas. Check out 100 Ways to Honor a Veteran from Now You’re Thinking.

For those in education who like these things calendared, there is an official month to recognize those in the military — whether active or not. May is National Military Awareness Month (NMAM) and an entire program of recognition, appreciation and gratitude has been developed on the NMAM website.

Service Professionals
With all this in mind, we cannot forget our service men and women who are firefighters, law enforcement officers and others. They represent heroes that students can formally honor, recognize and appreciate. Click here to see what one school recently
did to show gratitude towards their local police officers.

In the end, none of us are short on people we can thank who serve our schools and communities. Instilling a sense of gratitude in students now will help foster the growth of lifelong learners who understand the impact of a simple “thank you.”