Teaching with enthusiasm…

During my orientation experience while working on my masters in education, I had the privilege of being a one-on-one special needs instructional aide at two schools where I was conducting my observations. I lived experiences I will never forget about how schools function with their community and how teacher and faculty mentalities play a major role in creating schools where children can thrive and become successful contributors to society.

One teacher I had the pleasure of becoming good friends with was Mr. A, who taught 1st grade in South Pasadena, California. Mr. A is an outstanding educator and redefined what teaching with enthusiasm looked like. There were days he would wear the silliest hats, come out and join the kids in some handball at recess, or sit down with his students for lunch at the lunch tables. He truly loved being a positive force in his students’ lives and brought so much creativeness and flexibility to teaching. I have stolen many of his ideas and have implemented them in my first year of teaching 2nd grade. In his twenty years plus of teaching, he was most proud that he has not become stagnant in his teaching and can make adjustments when he sees necessary in his curriculum. It’s most inspiring to see educators like Mr. A, who are leaders in their community’s enriching children’s lives and fostering a love of learning in all students. I hope to be as outstanding of an educator as Mr. A after twenty years of teaching!

Thanks Mr. A!