The Shipwreck

I wanted to write about a recent concept that I have learned in my Human Differences course while studying for my master of arts in teaching. I really liked learning about the “shipwreck”, a concept in regards to a learner’s identity.  When something devastating occurs in one’s life (in the school arena) it can be demoralizing.  This can include being diagnosed with a learning disability or learning that one’s reading level does not correspond to the grade level. At this point, the learner’s identity has “shipwrecked”  and the student has a choice: do I get back up or do I stay down?

The concept of the “shipwreck” assumes that the students gets back up and is amazed at what he/she can do and how he/she can progress even through a trial such as this.  The learner has had a crisis in his/her life, but has produced a better result in the end than what could have been before.  I really enjoy this concept because I can apply this to my own life.  I had/have trials in which I have been “shipwrecked” or stranded.  Although difficult, I have somehow managed to pick myself up and the pieces around me to create an even finer production than before.  If I can do it, you can do it!

Haley is a member of the first MAT@USC cohort. She is currently seeking her California teaching credentials to be a history teacher.