Twitter for Teachers

What is twitter?

Twitter is a real-time social network that helps users share, follow, and interact with stories, opinions, links, pictures and videos in 140-character messages

How to Get Started


At the heart of Twitter are small bursts of information called tweets. Each tweet is 140 characters long — but don't let the small size fool you; you can discover a lot in a little space. You can see photos, videos and conversations from weets to get the whole story at a glance — and all in one place.

Twitter Handle

A user's Twitter handle is the username they have selected and the accompanying URL, like so:


An @reply is a method of publicly responding to another Twitter user. By placing @ before the person's username, your message will be publicly directed to that person.

Who is on Twitter?

Twitter is filled with teachers, administrators, educational technology experts, students, parents, and educational companies. Start connecting by following them or @replying to them.


The # symbol, also called a hashtag, is used to categorize tweets for reference and to facilitate conversations on specific subjects.

Twitter Applications

There are many ways you can send tweets. Some popular applications include:

Twitter and Education

Teach with Twitter

Use Twitter to make announcements, give and receive instant feedback, ask and answer questions, and much more. To learn more about using Twitter while teaching, visit /teaching-with-twitter-infographic/

Education Policy

Looking to use Twitter to stay up on education policy? Follow these Twitter handles to get started, then do some research to find your local news sources:

Popular Hashtags

Want to discuss a specific aspect of education? Use hashtags to connect with the particular group having that discussion! A few popular hashtags include:

Education Chats

Looking to use Twitter to connect with fellow teachers, administrators and organizations? Education chats allow you to gain insight through collaboration with educators around the world. Check out these chats to start:


#EdChat is a Twitter conversation that takes places on Tuesdays at 12pm ET and 7pm ET. It covers all subjects related to K-12 education and specific topics are polled each week. Follow these members of the #EdChat team:


Interested in connecting with the experts and companies leading the future of educational technology? Get involved in these conversations:

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