Watching Others Learn Outside the Classroom

I wanted to share an experience about how I’ve applied what I’ve have learned while getting my masters in education outside of the classroom.  My sister has a two and half year old son.  He is constantly exploring and learning new things everyday.  I was watching him and my sister together as they interacted and played in their backyard.  After reflecting, I realized that my sister and nephew’s interactions displayed many of the tenets of the models of learning theories that I have studied over the past several months.

I noted that my sister used behaviorism to model acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and when my nephew needed a helpful hint on how to open a door or turn off the lights.  They also were a good example of sociocultural theory, basing their interactions on social elements.  It was really amazing to watch their interactions and know the psychology behind their relationship.  I love that I can reflect in any classroom now and would be able to correctly deduce which learning theory a teacher is using.  What I am learning is not only useful in an academic setting but also in my personal life as well!