What has surprised you most about the MAT@USC program?

The technology!!!  Since I am very technologically illiterate, I was expecting the online masters in education program to be somewhat difficult to navigate.  However, I have found it extremely easy to use and new features are being added weekly.  For example, I can comment under each student’s comments, which is similar to Facebook.  There is also a chat feature and I can see who is online when I log in.  I can also chat with Student Support, who is online frequently.

Although MAT@USC is very technologically advanced, it is very simple and straightforward.  Those who designed the program did such a good job that I sometimes feel like I am sitting next to one of my peers, instead of just chatting through the internet.  We are able to have our professor discussions in which we can see and hear them, as if we were sitting in the classroom.  Sometimes I forget that I am even on the internet.

I can not only connect with my peers on a personal level, but also an academic level – all through the internet.  We have student “forums” each week, in which each person has the opportunity to respond to other students comments/opinions about each week’s readings.  I really enjoy the opportunity to discuss our readings in depth, while getting to know my peers.

Go MAT@USC technology!