The EdD in Organizational Change and Leadership online capstone experience is a portfolio contribution that demonstrates a student’s mastery of the program’s proficiencies. The Capstone consists of a Dissertation, a Reflective Self-Assessment and additional coursework deliverables that represent core leadership proficiencies.

The Dissertation in Practice

The Dissertation consists of a highly structured demonstration of a student’s problem-solving skills. In collaboration with an organization of their choosing, each student will:

  • Assess the status of an organization against a specific goal in keeping with the organization’s mission and vision
  • Investigate the causes that appear to be preventing the organization from reaching this specific goal
  • Create a strategic plan for achieving that goal, in consultation with other members of the organization and the relevant research literature on that topic
  • Propose an integrated action plan to address these causes
  • Propose an evaluation plan to assess the effectiveness of the action plan

Longitudinal Reflective Self-Assessment

Students will engage in a periodic assessment and reflection process regarding the skills and challenges that affect their ability to lead others. These “soft” skills include:

  • The ability to model the behavior they want to see others replicate
  • The ability to "be present" or self aware
  • Proficiency in managing heated interactions
  • Being able to listen and respond appropriately to others
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Over the course of the program, students will be asked to undertake assignments in which they will practice these different skills, provide a demonstration (i.e., through a submitted video) and reflect on their abilities. This recursive assessment will include reflections being reviewed by a professor and the professor providing feedback, questions and guidance. The results of each assessment, any reflection and planning related to it, and all instructor feedback will be assembled into a final report, synthesized by the student and submitted as part of the Capstone.

Additional Coursework Deliverables

There are additional proficiencies that will not be captured by either the Dissertation or the Self Assessment. Approximately five deliverables, each from a different course (and serving as the culminating activity for that course), will be added to the Capstone portfolio to represent the student’s mastery of those proficiencies.