Student Spotlights

Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Arts in Teaching – TESOL
Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership

Brittnie Vargas

Master of Arts in Teaching

"I was surprised at how personable the online learning environment was. Prior to the program, I was worried that I would not be able to make important relationships with my peers or professors. However, I feel as though I made life-long relationships with my peers and professors. One of my peers even recommended me for the teaching position that I will begin in the fall."

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Johnny Walker

Master of Arts in Teaching

"I was hired to teach 10th and 11th grade social sciences at the school where I am currently finishing my guided practice. I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity that the school is giving me, and I also feel extremely grateful for the positioning, preparation and confidence that USC Rossier gave me to compete for the job."

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Melissa Roselman

Master of Arts in Teaching with a concentration in science

"I was extremely impressed with the online platform when the Admissions Counselor first showed me a demonstration. The online classroom ran so smoothly and was easy to navigate. Last but not least, I chose USC Rossier because I knew how much of an honor it would be to join the Trojan Family. After I received my acceptance letter, I was undoubtedly overflowing with emotion and a sense of pride."

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Sarah Tomlinson

Master of Arts in Teaching – TESOL

"Teaching English as a second language has been the most rewarding career of my life. It allows me to learn about different languages, cultures and people, while also supporting and helping people learn the American culture and the English language. In addition, I love the relationships and friendships I have built, not only with my students, but also through my teacher preparation at USC Rossier."

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Edgar Perez

Master of Arts in Teaching – TESOL

"When I arrived in the United States, I could not speak a word of English. My ESL teachers pushed me to be better, not because they had to, but because they loved to teach and they knew what it meant for me to learn English. […] That is what I love about teaching. I love that it provides us with the opportunity to influence individuals in a positive way. Once they learn the language, nobody can take that away."

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Christina Fritsch

Master of Arts in Teaching – TESOL

"I love watching students attain a new aspect of the English language and witnessing the confidence that results from this language acquisition. Knowing that the words I speak and actions I take in the classroom can assist students' development and help influence their overall communicative competence is indescribable."

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Benga Agbelemose

Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership

"The richness of the program and the diversity and collaboration within my cohort have been the most surprising. The support of the staff and faculty in the program make it clear that they want students to succeed, and the resources available to us have also been exceptional."

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Melinda Clark

Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership

"I am surprised by the sense of community created in the classroom. The asynchronous model really works! I am connected to my classmates and have developed relationships with them. I also feel very connected to USC. I have only been on campus two times yet I am a Trojan!"

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Shindale Seale

Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership

"With both a PhD and EdD, there’s an enormous amount of research and rigor, but I chose the EdD OCL program because I am able to apply all of the research and data to my own professional environment. This allows me to drive much-needed change in my organization, as well as the organizations for which I provide consultant services."

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Lauren Sullivan

Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership

"As a senior director of an office of student affairs, I realize now more than ever that the complexities of leading and managing effectively in a university setting require an advanced education. […] It is vital for me to use evidence-based decision making and create a culture of competency, satisfaction and inclusion. I want to develop my knowledge of how to translate theory into practice and my ability to do so in order to improve organizational outcomes for my department and the institution."

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Brett M. Decker

Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership

"I spent a few years considering doctoral programs at other first-rate universities but pulled the trigger here because of USC's relentless institutional pursuit of excellence and the profound seriousness I felt from everyone at Rossier. It was clear that this is a place committed to doing novel things to stay ahead of the global curve and help its students be prepared to confront the unknowns of a rapidly changing world."

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Fredrica Piphus Singletary

Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership

I chose an online program because I wanted a program that would not penalize me for working full-time but would instead promote the application of course knowledge in my workplace. While this program is […] online, the level of interaction between faculty and students has created a unique learning experience where I am able to glean information and insights from the diverse perspectives of my cohorts who are living anywhere from Los Angeles to Boston to Abu Dhabi."

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