Blended Learning Experiences for Students in Urban Schools

2 UNITS    |    TERM 3

This course is designed for teacher candidates to design, implement and evaluate technology-rich learning environments to customize and individualize learning opportunities and assessments for K–12 students. In this course, candidates will integrate knowledge of subject matter, pedagogy and available instructional technology tools, including assistive technology, to design learning experiences that engage and support all students in learning the California Common Core State Standards, along with improving students’ conceptual understanding, cultivating their critical thinking, and promoting their creative learning. The concept of literacy has expanded considerably, given that being literate means more than reading and writing. Not only does literacy include listening and viewing, but a number of other literacies have emerged as a result of the diffusion of information and communications technologies (ICT) into teaching and learning environments. This course expands the definitions of literacy through the lenses of digital media, technology and information.