Guided Practice A or Capstone A

2-3 CREDITS    |    TERM 3


Guided Practice A


This course is designed for novice teachers.

Guided Practice is a two-part course. These courses provide participants with the opportunities to translate theory into classroom application in order to gain understanding of the teaching-learning process in varied contexts. Participants will apply learning theories, content knowledge and the pedagogical repertoire of skills acquired in previous courses and threaded throughout the program as the basis for decision-making to positively affect student learning.

By the end of Guided Practice A and B, teacher candidates will be able to:

  • Develop the abilities to use learning theory as the basis to translate and apply content and pedagogical knowledge in the planning and implementation of lessons/curriculum in any school context.
  • Develop the decision-making abilities to mediate learning using multiple and varied representations and strategies to attain high individual and group outcomes.
  • Reflect and problem-solve regarding the teaching/learning process in order to identify oneself as a teacher change agent and leader with personal and professional insight and efficacy.


Capstone A


This course is designed for experienced teachers.

This course has been designed to facilitate candidates’ understandings and competencies to recognize and appreciate the influences of action research on education at multiple levels: classroom, school and district. As a consequence of the experiences presented in this course, candidates will be able to perceive themselves as a teacher researcher able to define an educational problem and plan an action research project to affect the problem. Candidates will be expected to conduct and finalize an action research project from the identification of a problem to the analysis of the findings and dissemination of the potential solution to the problem.