Instruction for English as a New Language

3 CREDITS    |    TERM 2 

This course includes systematic study of effective ways to structure learning opportunities for diverse student populations. An understanding of the instructional needs of language minority populations is developed and an awareness of the appropriate programs and services to meet those specific needs is presented. The course is intended to engage graduate students in exploring a variety of theories, issues, procedures, methods and approaches for use in bilingual, English as a second language, and other learning environments. It provides an overview of the historic and current trends and social issues affecting the education of language minority students. It also provides candidates with practical experience in the implementation of instructional strategies addressing the needs of a diverse student population. Major units of the course include: language learning theories; socio-cultural contexts of language development, principled selection of instructional strategies for teaching language and non-language subjects; a focus on the development of academic language, assessment of language and non-language competencies; and selected issues in teaching language minority populations.