Pedagogy A: Elementary Literacy/Social Studies Practicum

5 CREDITS    |    TERM 2 

Pedagogy is the flexible application of learning theories in problem-solving contexts. Pedagogical knowledge includes understanding and applying learning theories; developing subject matter expertise; implementing general and discipline-specific instructional strategies and practices; developing, analyzing and modifying curriculum; assessing outcomes of learning; and developing professional self-efficacy, collegiality and community to address problems of practice. In these pedagogy courses, candidates build an understanding of the importance of planning, instruction, assessment and reflection as necessary elements in the teaching and learning cycle.

This course prepares candidates to facilitate, mediate and intervene in the development of literacy and language integrated within social studies content and instruction. It begins with an in-depth look at literacy development, leading to an integrated approach for developing literacy within the context of history/social-science. The integration of literacy and language with social studies is intended to prepare participants to engage learners in the active inquiry of major and recurrent themes, concepts, values, problems and issues of the social sciences from multiple and interdisciplinary perspectives. Participants will develop the content and pedagogical tools of “historical thinking” through inquiry into the events and accounts of history.