Spotlight: Michael Pohyar | Dublin, CA

There you are, sitting in class, daydreaming the time away. How many more minutes until this period is over? Oh God, is that clock even moving?! You would’ve preferred to hit the snooze button 30 more times than to have actually attended this class in the first place. Why are you here, and why are you even being forced to learn this stuff? This is so boring and besides, it’s not like it matters, and it’s not like the teacher really cares anyway. My name is Michael Pohyar and this is exactly how I felt as a student and this is exactly why I decided to become a teacher.

In many ways, it was fate. The many twists and turns, speed bumps, potholes, inclines and slopes of life, had all brought me to my true calling….my passion….my students. My teaching experiences here in the San Francisco Bay Area has been more than a blessing, it has seemingly overflowed my heart with emotions that I can’t possibly begin to explain in this brief spotlight. Teaching is that much fun. It is THAT amazing! I transitioned from the corporate sector and a salaried position in San Francisco’s Financial District to the classroom and I wouldn’t, even for a millisecond, ever consider returning to that world!

The USC Rossier School of Education and the MAT program has provided me with the opportunity to develop this passion. It has pushed me, challenged me and motivated me, but it has provided me with much more than just pedagogical tools for instructional. It has surrounded me with faculty members who care and colleagues who I am honored to call close friends. It has guided me, quelled my concerns, tended to my needs, addressed my concerns, and molded me into someone who is not merely content with becoming a great teacher, but a top-tier educator, who is dedicated toward sacrificing and serving the greater needs of each and every one of his students. Fight On!