The Online Community of TeacherTube

Thanks to social media platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, watching and sharing videos has become one of the most popular online activities. is an educator’s version of YouTube, providing a safe venue for uploading and sharing instructional videos as well as audios, documents and photos.

Content on TeacherTube focuses on anything you might find in an elementary, high school or college classroom, from lectures and tutorials to science experiments and student performances. Unlike YouTube, where videos featuring pop stars and kittens garner millions of views, the most popular TeacherTube uploads include a U.S. presidents rap song with more than 140 million views and a frog dissection demonstration with 41 million views.

Anyone can access content on TeacherTube, but you must register as a member of the community in order to take advantage of the site’s uploading and ranking services. Membership is free of charge and is open to teachers, administrators, parents and students. Besides allowing you to upload content, becoming a member allows you to take advantage of the social aspects of TeacherTube. Members can connect with other members who share the same interests by joining groups that center on specific topics.

A Growing Community

The rapid growth of TeacherTube attests to the demand for quality education materials online. As of September 2013, the TeacherTube community includes more than 1.5 million educators who have uploaded and shared millions of pieces of content. Finding your way around the site may seem challenging at first, but like YouTube, the site organizes content by channels. Within each channel, content is sorted according to Most Recent, Most Viewed, Featured and Top Rated. A search bar is also available to help locate content related to a specific topic or grade level.

Besides browsing through channels and searching for content, members can personalize their experience by subscribing to other members’ uploads, saving favorites and creating custom playlists. The TeacherTube interface makes it easy to share content via email and on other social media platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Like YouTube, TeacherTube provides a facility for embedding its videos on external websites and blogs.

TeacherTube is an invaluable resource for both visitors and community members. By creating and uploading instructional content, educators can share their knowledge with a vast audience of students and teachers who are eager to learn. Although teachers can also share and view instructional videos on YouTube, many school districts block the site to avoid problems related to students viewing inappropriate materials. This does not appear to be a problem on TeacherTube.

Along with teacher videos, TeacherTube also showcases videos created by students. Many teachers have discovered that incorporating multimedia production into their curriculum is a great way to hold students’ interest in a topic while teaching them a wide range of technical skills. The proliferation of inexpensive digital video cameras and video editing software make it easy for even elementary school students to upload and share their own educational videos.