Unique Field Trips in the Mid-Atlantic States

Field trips are a great way to give students a break from the classroom while also broadening their horizons and allowing them to have hands-on learning experiences. Field trips can be fun, but also educational, allowing teachers to complement their lessons or teach something entirely new. Museums and historical landmarks give your lessons depth by letting students interact with some of the things they study, and outdoor locations are a great way for them to exercise and explore.

The mid-Atlantic is a large region and encompasses many states, with each having its own unique history and offering countless opportunities for field trips. Here are five of the most fun and culturally rich field trip destinations in the mid-Atlantic states:

Washington, D.C
The nation’s capital is a field trip destination in and of itself: An incredible wealth of landmarks, museums, monuments and scientific exhibitions make up the city. There is never a shortage of something to do in Washington D.C., and the city is compact enough that your class can hit many of the major sites on one trip. The National Mall, for example, is one of the most famous places — a grassy expanse where you can see the Lincoln Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and the Washington Monument. You can also visit Capitol Hill, the Smithsonian, the National Museum and the Vietnam Memorial.

New York, NY
Manhattan is another city that is a field trip destination in itself. You’ve got more than enough to chose from here — maybe even too much! Home to the Guggenheim, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and dozens of others museums, New York City is a hub of art and history that will amaze your students. Central Park is a great destination, where you can take your students to the famous Central Park Zoo or enjoy some of the outdoor recreational activities. If you’re just looking for some good-old touristy fun with your students, take them to the South Street Seaport or Times Square. Don’t forget about Broadway either; plays are an amazing experience and a very popular field trip idea.

Colonial Williamsburg (Williamsburg, VA)
Colonial Williamsburg is the world’s largest living museum: an entire town that is an authentic recreation of 18th century America. The town has been restored to its genuine colonial condition, with hundreds of houses, stores, municipal buildings and historic landmarks that come together to make one of the most immersive field trips your class can experience. Throughout the town, interpreters dressed in clothing from the period recreate daily activities to teach visitors about every aspect of colonial life. There are also skits and re-creations of famous historical events, and museums as well.

Philadelphia, PA
Pennsylvania is rich in history, dating back to the earliest days of America. The city of Philadelphia is a hub of museums, attractions and historical landmarks that will be an invaluable experience for your students. Here you can see the birthplace of the American Flag (the Betsy Ross House), the Liberty Bell, the Brandywine Battlefield, the Washington Crossing Historic Park, Benjamin Franklin’s Print Shop and the Graff House, where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. There are hundreds of sites for your students to see, and the best place to begin is the Independence Visitor’s Center. You can visit the center online to plan your trip ahead of time and get information on tours, events and attractions.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor (Baltimore, MD)
The Baltimore Inner Harbor has been one of the country’s most vibrant seaports since the 1700s. Today, it is one of the major tourist destinations in Maryland and offers a vast amount of activities, attractions and events that your students will love. Overlooking America’s largest bay (the Chesapeake), the Baltimore Inner Harbor offers cruises and water taxis tours to explore the area by sea, including a stop at the famous Fort McHenry. The National Aquarium is located in the Inner Harbor as well, and there are other exciting museum experiences as well, such as the Maryland Science Center, the Baltimore Maritime Museum and Port Discovery Children’s Museum. The Inner Harbor is also home to two of Maryland’s most popular sports teams: the Orioles baseball team and the Baltimore Ravens.