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7 Steps to Become a Teacher in California

Becoming a teacher in California may seem like a confusing, daunting process, but getting the proper teacher training and California teaching credentials doesn’t have to be complicated. These seven simple steps will set you on the path to becoming a teacher.

    California state

  1. Research what teaching is all about.
    Teaching is a challenging yet rewarding profession that requires teachers to be lifelong learners. Before pursuing this profession, make sure you thoroughly research the occupation’s requirements, time commitment, and pros and cons in order to determine if teaching is the right fit for you. In order to fully understand the commitment you are going to make, speak to any friends or family members who have experience teaching and learn about the latest trends in education through e-newsletters and other resources.
  2. Assess your situation.
    What type of education and work experience do you already have? Do you have teaching experience? Teachers come from a variety of backgrounds. Figure out which areas interest you the most and look through your résumé to see what work you’ve done in the past that involved the skills necessary for teaching.
  3. Choose what you want to teach.
    Consider what type of students and which subject you’d like to teach. Do you want to teach in elementary school? High school? Special education? The Commission on Teacher Credentialing has separate steps and guidelines for teachers with different goals. You can change your mind later, but having an idea of where you want to end up allows for an easier, more seamless journey to obtaining your California teaching credentials.
  4. Consider enrolling in a teacher preparation program.
    If you want to teach in a K–12 setting, you may want to consider applying to a teacher preparation program where you can be recommended for a California teaching credential. Teacher prep programs such as our Master of Arts in Teaching program or our MAT–TESOL program are both offered online.
  5. Take the Next Step

    Become a teacher by earning a Master of Arts in Teaching
    and teaching credential online from USC.

    Explore the Curriculum   |   Choose Your Content Area Focus   |   Request More Information

  6. Gain teaching experience.
    While learning in a teacher prep program is important, it is also essential to gain real-world experience teaching in a classroom. Our Master of Arts in Teaching program allows students to gain hands-on teaching experience assisting a professional teacher in their area.
  7. Complete the certification process and get a formal recommendation.
    The next step to becoming a teacher in California is passing teacher certification exams such as the CBEST — a test on reading, writing and math — and the CSET — a subject-matter competency exam. You can also take CSU Placement examinations in place of the CBEST to meet the requirement. The CBEST requirement can also be met by passing another state’s basic skills examination. Evaluations can usually be taken several times (a fee is required each time) if you do not pass the evaluation the first time. In the event that a teacher is transferring to California from out of state, the teacher may be exempt from testing if they hold a valid, non-emergency teacher credential and meet other qualifications. Also, if you want to teach in a California elementary school, it is required to pass the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA), unless you are coming from out of state.
  8. Once you pass your teacher certification exams and meet student-teaching and degree requirements, you will need to submit a formal recommendation for the credential from your college, university or teacher preparation program. Many students also put together a portfolio or ePortfolio to showcase their experience and readiness to teach.

  9. Find a job.
    The key to finding a job is to research vacancies and determine your ideal work environment. After completing a teacher preparation program and earning your credentials, you should have a very clear sense of where you want to teach as well as a network of colleagues in the education space. Our programs provide you with a career and credentialing advisor as well as the necessary resources to advance your teaching career.
  10. Alternative Routes
    The steps detailed above represent the most common path you can take to become a teacher in California, but there are also other ways to achieve your career goal. For example, if you would like to teach elementary, middle or high school students, you may be able to obtain your California teacher credentials through a teaching internship. Alternatively, you may be able to earn your elementary or high school teacher credential by having teaching experience in a private school or in the Peace Corps, or obtaining National Board Certification. Special education teachers can obtain their credentials only through a college, university or designated internship program.

    The Learning Never Ends
    Once you land your first job and start teaching in California, it is essential to continue learning through professional development opportunities. Teachers in California must stay on top of trends and educational research by taking occasional classes and participating in workshops. Becoming a teacher in California is a commitment that impacts our future leaders, so remember to chart your path as clearly as you can and put your best foot forward. It’s an incredible journey.

    Ask Our Credentialing Specialist
    Have a specific question about how to become a teacher in California? Leave your question in the comments below and our credentialing specialist will get back to you with an answer!

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  • dubious daisy

    Sounds unbelievable but i’ve been told if you coach sports and teach sports related courses you do not need teaching credentials in a CA city college. Is this true??

    • tasteless chap

      College teaching doesn’t require a credential.

      • E. B. Andrade

        College teaching, however, requires a minimum of a M.S., a bachelor’s is not sufficient.

        • tasteless chap

          Depends on which field you’re in, and what type of school you’re teaching. One of my professors for my master’s degree doesn’t have a college degree at all!

          • E. B. Andrade

            Oh wow! That is REALLY rare! I have been teaching college for 7 years, I am my discipline’s coordinator, and even our coaches have to have masters! Maybe it is an older professor that has been teaching there forever? Old rules stay there forever if they are tenure. But, I bet you the current rule is M.S. or M.A. minimum.

          • tasteless chap

            This particular professor is full-time and tenured at a private university. Private schools can hire whoever they want.

          • Bhis

            not really a “professor” is he/she?

          • tasteless chap

            Well, he’s at the top of his field despite not having a degree. Getting a college degree at this point would not give him any more information than he already has. He’s an expert, regardless of being un-papered.

  • Szevinah S. Sunga

    I was a public school teacher in the Philippines for almost 3 yrs and migrated here in CA.. What should be my 1st step if I want to practice my profession here? Thank you and God bless

    • StephanieEcheveste

      Hi Szevinah,
      Thanks for your comment. Most likely figuring out where you would like to teach and getting your teaching credential for CA. If you have more specific questions – click the ‘request info’ button above to ask our credential specialist!

  • Mary

    I have a BA in English and will begin my fifth year teaching at a private elementary school. Does teaching experience account for anything during this process? What tests do I need to take if so? Some teachers at my school are going through a process called BTSA. I haven’t seen this in the steps.

    • StephanieEcheveste

      Hi May,
      Yes, teaching experience does make a difference, but it just depends on where you are teaching. There have been a lot of changes recently, so it is best to check in with your specific school district or, if your university has student support for alumni (USC Rossier does) than you can contact your university for help. We didn’t include BTSA, but that is a good resource to check into if your school supports it:

  • vivian

    I was a private teacher in the Philippines for 25 years. What are the things i have to do to have a teaching job here in California? Do i have to go to the schools and apply personally or online application is enough?

    • StephanieEcheveste

      Hi Vivian,

      You will most likely need your teaching credentials to teach in California, especially if you want to teach at a public school. In this job market, networking is best!

  • Doug Forney

    I passed the CSET exams, but cannot afford to take time off from my fulltime job to enroll in a credential program or internship. Can I do anything (sub, etc) now that I have passed the CSET?

    • Irina

      I only know that if you received a BA in Liberal Studies and passed the CBEST – you can be a substitute..

      • Sonya

        You can have BA in anything, just as long as you’ve passed the CBEST you can be a substitute. You have to apply for a 30 day credential which costs about $130, then you can enlist your name with different substitute calling lists, each district has one.

        • Candacie Riggins

          Go to, California teacher commistion site, tells f the requirements for getting calif. teaching permits and individual requirements, renewals, fingerprinting info, etc.

    • Kimberley

      If you already have your BA you can sub with an emergency credential if you pass the CBEST. You should check into interning…you get paid for that! All the info you need is at the CA gov teaching website. It’s a lot of info so once you’re there try to specify your topic as much as possible to reduce the amount of info they throw at you. Good luck!

  • Ateka Chowdhury

    I am an under graduate in Economics with 4 years experience of teaching in elementary and middle school in Bangladesh. I have moved back to CA. What should I do to be eligible for teaching in CA?
    I am really lost. Please guide me.

    • Erika Phyall

      Hi, the first step is to contact our admissions team, they will be able to offer further advice. Call 1.888.628.1872

    • StephanieEcheveste

      Hi Ateka, Would you like me to connect you with one of our admissions counselors — they can help you out!

      • lyn

        I’m lyn and I just passed the licensure examination for teachers in the philippines and also a cum laude. could you give me some tips on how to apply for teaching profession especially in northern california? I’m a fresh graduate.thank you:)

  • Ross Banick

    I’m confused. I can’t imagine that “just” an internship (i.e., on-the-job training) will legally suffice for long-term K-12 teaching in California. It seems there are really only two avenues (with or without internships). The first is a 75-credit Masters Degree in Education, with the teaching credential included, and the second seems to be a teaching credential preparatory program (e.g., a 36-credit preparatory program). Even then, you still have to teach within two years, because the credential is only preliminary, until a two-year clearance credential is granted. But all this confuses me. Does anyone actually know how it works to get a teaching credential in California?

    • StephanieEcheveste

      Hi Ross,

      It is a bit confusing! You can check out certification map which details more the requirements for CA.

      It’s not an internship, but student teaching, or field work, that is usually required. :)

      If you have any specific questions about credentials, you can ‘request more info’ and get in touch with our credential specialist.

  • Dorkus_Amorkus

    If you have an MFA do you still need to get a teaching credential?

    • StephanieEcheveste

      Hi Dorkus,

      It depends on where you want to teach, but yes most states in the US require a teaching credential. If you contact one of our student support specialist via ‘request info’ they can help you out with the specifics!

  • Sam

    I currently have just finished my Master of Education degree. With that what does this qualify me for in California regarding teaching in a high school? Do I still have to sit for exams? Is there other credentials I have to apply for or test for?

  • Eli

    Im Currently Getting My Associate Degree In Early Childhood Education, But WhaT To Get My BA On Elementry Teacher. What Kind Of Degree Do I Need In Order To Teach Elementary . Also Im GoinG My BA Online At AshfordUniversity, Would My Degree Count In California

    • Martha

      Hallo Eli this is my question right know. I’m done with my AA, but Ashford inform me that there are no certify. Did you found out the answer to your question.

  • Benny_P

    I am a teacher in Australia wanting to move to California (Orange County) and teach. Does anyone know the steps, that would help me achieve this?

    • StephanieEcheveste

      Hi Benny,

      Heading to the west coast! Awesome! If you contact one of our student advisors (via the Tell me More or Request Info buttons above) they can help you out!

  • StephanieEcheveste

    Hi Szevinah, Thank you for your comment. If you contact one of our student advisors (via the Tell me More or Request Info buttons above) they can find out!

  • Gingi

    I am currently going to college and working on an accounting degree. When I achieve my 90 units I plan on taking the CBEST, and subbing. After I have received my degree, I plan on going into teaching. I would like to know what the best step would be.

    • Stephanie Echeveste

      Hi Gingi,
      If you request more info using the button above our certification specialist can help you out! Most likely you will need to get certified in order to teach, but it depends on the state and school district.


  • Premal

    I have two Bachelors degrees from India and 125 units from De Anza college, Cupertino. I want to teach, any age whether KG or elementary. I have been asked to get a teaching credential. Where do I go from here?

  • Carlito

    A recent graduate of Columbia with MA Psychology. Can I actually teach health science ed in high school with my degree in California (los angeles)? Is CSET specialty exam the only requirement?

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Carlito, to teach health science you would actually have to earn a credential in the field. This would require you to complete an approved California teacher preparation program in addition to passing the CSET.

  • Cristhoper Hernandez

    I want to become an elementary level teacher. What classes should I take in college

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Christopher,

      If you are interested in becoming an Elementary school teacher you should take Elementary Education classes which are part of most university’s undergraduate teacher preparation programs. If you are planning on pursuing a post baccalaureate degree in Elementary Education then it is generally wise to take courses which cover mathematics, English language arts, social studies, and the sciences since you will have to cover all these subjects as an Elementary school teacher.


    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Christopher, If you are interested in becoming an elementary teacher you should complete an elementary degree program through an approved college or university. These programs are specifically designed to train you to enter the field as an educator and will allow you to gain your credential. USC Rossier offers online graduate level courses that lead to a degree and teaching credential in elementary education. You can find out more about the program here:

  • Sergio Jimenez

    I think I might be interested in becoming a elementary school teacher but don’t know if I’m too old to try and get my degree. ???

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Sergio,

      There is really no such thing as being too old to get your degree in education. Many teachers in the field do not start their careers as educators but instead go back to school to become teachers. If you are interested in becoming an Elementary teacher, USC Rossier offers online courses in Elementary education which you can find out more information about here:


    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Sergio ~ There is really no such thing as being too old to become a teacher. Many current teachers in the field became educators later in life after spending time in other occupations.If you are interested in becoming an teacher, USC Rossier offers online courses in elementary education. You can find out more about the program here:

  • Lieb

    I am currently teacher in the Philippines. I want to teach abroad specifically in CA. I wanna know if there is still a need for me to finish my Master’s Degree or i can already migrate by just having a license and certificate (teaching experience)?

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Lieb, If you currently hold an active credential in the Philippines then it might be possible to use it to apply for a California credential. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing welcomes international teachers and tries to create pathways to help them gain a California credential. For more information on using your current teaching credential to apply to California please check out the following e-pamphlets: &

      • Lieb

        Do they require years of teaching experience? at this moment, i only have less than a year of experience.

        • Keith Krempel

          Hi Lieb – There are no experience requirements to apply. As long as your credential is valid you are eligible to apply


    I recently got my degree in Secondary Education: Physical Education at an University in North Dakota. I’m originally from CA and want to start my profession here as well. I passed 2 of the 3 CSET tests and retaking the 3rd one soon. If everything works out and I pass the 3rd CSET the only thing I would have to do to get my CA teaching license is to pass the CBEST correct?

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi CJ, If you already hold a credential in North Dakota then you should be able to transfer it without needing to take the CSET. More information about applying based upon and out-of-state credential can be found at the following link:

      If you do not already possess a North Dakota credential, then yes you will need to complete both the CSET and the CBEST before you can apply to the state.

  • Pete

    Any advice in passing the CSET? CSET is what’s holding me back from finishing my credential. That test is brutal.

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Pete, The CSET is a very difficult test as it is designed to make sure that a teacher has a deep knowledge of their subject area. If you are having trouble passing the exam my suggestion would be to purchase one of the many available test prep guides for the CSET you are trying to pass. Additionally, a number of companies offer test prep courses and personal tutoring which can very beneficial.

  • James Stansel

    What specific certifications are needed to teach abroad

  • Martha

    Hallo Sarah,
    I attending Ashford University and obtain my AA. Know am going what to obtain my BA to become a elementary teacher but they inform me Ashford University is not Certify. I really don’t know what are the steps to make my degree certify in California. Could you inform me the steps, or if its not a god idea to obtain my degree with Ashford. Also could I take the

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Martha – Before continuing with Ashford University it is important that you find out if they offer the ability to earn your credential in any state. If they offer the ability become credentialed in another state other than California you could use the out-of-state credential to apply to California. If they do not offer a credential program for another state then it may be wise to think about if the program is truly a match for your plans. As for the exams, yes you can take those before you finish your BA program however I do not recommend taking them until you are certain that your program leads to a credential.

  • Toccara S. Townsend

    I currently have my Bachelors in Social and Criminal Justice and planning to take my CBEST at the first of the year. However I am so lost on what I should do once I pass the CBEST. I already work at Independent charter school (for at risk youth) and thinking about going into the SPED direction of teaching. Any direction and/or help would be appreciated.

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Toccara – In addition to the CBEST you will also need to take the CSET for the content area you are interested in teaching. However testing alone doesn’t make you eligible for a credential in California as you will also need to complete a teacher preparation program of some sort. These programs make candidates eligible for credentials as well give them all the necessary skills they will need for teaching. If you are interested in becoming an teacher, USC Rossier offers online courses that lead to a Masters degree and a credential. You can find out more about the program here:

  • Keith Krempel

    Hi James – There are not specific certifications are needed to teach abroad as licensure requirements are left up to the discretion of the school that hires you. For example some international schools merely require that you have a background in education while others want candidates to hold a specific credential. My recommendation would be to do some research in regards to schools you are interested in teaching at and see what their HR department requires.

  • Vanessa

    Hello, I am currrently attending a community college. I want to become a elementary teacher. Is there anyway i can work along a teacher or in a classroon. I know someone that works at a elementary school and she doesnt have degree yet. She is still attending a community college. I am not sure if she knows someone that helped her get in. I just dont know her that much to ask how she got started. Are there programs to get me to work along a teacher or classroom that will build my experience when i become a teacher. if so how do i go about getting started.

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Vanessa,

      The person you are referring to might be completing a teacher preparation program or hold a substitute teaching license. If you are interested in becoming a teacher and working in a classroom you should look into completing a teacher preparation program. These are programs that help teacher candidates gain their credential in their state and are usually offered by approved college/universities or school districts.

  • Curious2

    Hey, I have a bachelor’s degree in medicine. But I feel I’d like to teach instead if continuing in my practice. What do I do?

    • Keith Krempel

      Hello, If you are interested in becoming a teacher you will need to complete a teacher preparation program. These programs make candidates eligible for credentials as well give them all the necessary skills they will need for teaching. If you are interested, USC Rossier offers online courses that lead to a Masters degree and a credential. You can find out more about the program here:

      • Curious2

        Thanks Keith! Isn’t there a shorter program to get me into the teaching profession. I didn’t think I’ll be spending 3 more years before I can teach. I thought with a bachelors Degree, it won’t take as much time.

  • Vanessa M.

    Hi, I’m a second-year liberal studies major at a UC school. What steps can I take right now towards becoming an elementary school teacher? I currently volunteer 2 hours a week at an elementary school, helping kids with their homework. Over the summer, I volunteered at an LA’s Best after school program. What else can I do at this point in college? What other steps should I take right now?

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Vaness, Since you are still in college you should speak to your academic adviser about switching to the education program offered by your school. This will allow you to complete a degree in elementary education as well as earn your credential.

  • Shon

    Hi, I have attained a masters in Electrical Engineering, and currently working. I am an international candidate and my employer has filed for my H1b visa (which is approved). I have always had a dream to teach High School and at some point am planning to pursue that, could you guide me as to what are my next steps in terms of an international candidate.

  • Kathryn Alcantara

    Hi. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education in the Philippines. I’ve had two years of teaching experience in elementary Math and I’ve also passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET), the credential equivalent exam for teaching here in our country. I plan to work as a teacher in California. What are the specific steps I need to take to obtain a teaching job?

    Thank you very much.

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Kathryn ~ The first step to gaining a job in California is to obtain your California credential. Please use the following document from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing in order to complete this process:

      Once you have obtained a California credential you will then be able to apply via California’s teaching job board EdJoin which can be found here:

      • Kathryn Alcantara

        Thank you very much for all your help, Keith!

  • shiela

    Hi there! I obtained my degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education and my MA in the Philippines. I had years of teaching experience and still hold a valid teaching license here in the country. In few months time, I would immigrate to CA and would want to practice my profession as a teacher there. I have read the process and checked on the forms. It seems a little bit confusing though. But what I would like to know is if I can initiate the process of getting the credentials there (i.e. filling out the forms, paying for the fee, etc.) while I am outside US. Is there any way I can contact the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing via phone and not by email?

    • Keith Krempel

      Hi Sheila,

      It is certainly not an issue to begin the application process before you have actually moved to California. Further the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing can be reached via telephone at (916) 322-4974 (M-F 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time)

  • Crazy about puppies!

    I hate teacher training school!!!!!!!

    • Keith Krempel

      That’s unfortunate that you don’t like the program you’re in. Teacher preparation programs are not one size fits all and sometimes they aren’t a match for the candidate. If you really want to be a teacher you should find a program you enjoy that will allow you to reach your goal. If you are interested, USC Rossier offers online courses that lead to a Masters degree and a credential. You can find out more about the program here:

  • Kyle P.

    I am in a similar situation. I am from CA but graduated from a school in MT with my degree in History and Secondary Education and a teaching credential. Would I still need to take the CSET?

  • Vicki

    Im a UK based guitar/music teacher with 10 years experience at ages from 8 upwards both in and out of the classroom. I have a teaching qualification from the Royal School of Music in London. Im looking to move to California and I was wondering what the best route to certification for me would be? Thanks.

  • Abel Journeyman

    Just wish to say your article is great, and timely too. The clarity in your post
    really shows your expertise on Teaching Methodology.

    With your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep updated with
    forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the gratifying work.

  • WB

    i have an emergency credential. what is quickest path to a general teaching credential?

  • Casey

    I have a teacher certification in PA and in NC… I have been teaching for three years… Passed the Praxis 1 test before April 2, 2012 and seek to relocate to California. What steps should I take. The CTC website is confusing and has led me no where.

  • alexandria mittz

    Hello im a child development major and want to be a multi subject major do I have to get the teacher’s credential as will im new to all of this frist semester in college.

  • Suman

    I have a B.Sc in Computer Science and Mathematics from one of the Indian University at Punjab and was working in a college for six years. Now I want to teach my subject online, please guide me how can I go for this? Whether I have to pass some kind of exam or Can I directly go for this and how? Thanks!

  • LisaKline

    This is probably a stupid question but…Do you have to get your BA in English in order to teach English? My daughter really wants to teach theater but knows she will have to teach another subject as well. She would like to major in theater, minor in education and then get credentialed as a English teacher. Is that possible?

  • annabliss

    Hello! We are looking into relocation to California from Washington and my husband is an elementary school teacher. I have a few questions. Does he need to take the CBEST, or will the West-b fulfill this requirement? Does he also need to take the CSET?

  • SJMBarr

    I have a Pupil Personal Services Credential and Masters in Education Counseling, but I would like to broaden the possibilities I have for employment. I also have substitute taught for 3 years, including a long-term (6 month) substitute job for US and World History. I have a B.A. in History and Art History. Can I take the CSET Social Science exams and receive a Teachers Credential this way? Assuming I pass the exams, of course.

    • SJMBarr

      Forgot to mention that I am in California.

  • Jude Lucas-Rynerson

    Hello. I am about to receive my EdD at USC and have an MAT also from USC. I have taught in private school for 13 years without a credential. I’ve passed the CBEST- years ago- but now want to complete my single subject English credential. How do I go about completing this? IS there a special route for private school teachers? Do I need special recommendations from USC/Rossier? Thanks.

  • tina

    hi, i have a master degree in early childhood education from phoenix university and i am interested in teaching kindergarten. now do i have to enroll in a teaching credential program or my master is enough
    i am a teacher at head start i teach age 3-5
    does that count as experience?

  • tina

    i have a master degre in early childhood education
    do i need to enroll in a teaching credential progra.?
    i am a teacher at head start program does it count as experience?

  • Sandi

    i have been a teacher in Jamaica for 12 years….I have a MSc in Reading and Language Arts from Central Connecticut State University. What is the process in getting to teach here?

  • sinta maharani

    if the salary and allowance to become a teacher in California is bigger than being agents obat menyembuhkan keputihan berbau possibility I prefer to be a teacher there

  • Nick


    I am currently in the MAT TESOL program at USC Rossier, but am interested in also getting a credential. Do you have recommendations for the best way to go about this? I will be graduating in December 2015.

    Thank you!

  • Sarah Ferris

    I am a primary teacher with a degree and experience in Queensland, Australia. Would my qualification be recognised in California? If not, what would I need to do in order to work and teach in California? Thank you

  • Jolie del villar

    I am LVN with almost 5 years experience and wants to teach LVN students. What should I do first?

  • Lexi

    I have been hired for a teaching position in a CA public school. I am receiving my credential and masters from St. Mary’s college in June. I did not pass the RICA, by 3 points. I will not be able to retake the test for 45 days. Will I still be able to start teaching without a passing score?

  • sharada k.

    I have a Masters degree in Science ( specialization in Life science/ Zoology) from an Indian university without any teaching credentials or experience. I moved to California about an year ago and want to become elementary school teacher, what should I do first?

  • Wanda Whitehead

    I have an out of country elementary teaching credentials and a Masters in Educational Technology. My course work and credentials have cleared requirements, but some “student teaching” is required. I have been working in a private school for 7 years. Can any of this be accredited to this last requirement to obtain a CA teaching credential? Does the supervised student teaching have to be in a public school or can my private school be a place to meet this last requirement? If my supervisor in the private school holds a CA Standard Teaching Credential-lifetime, could she be a supervisor?

  • Maggie

    What felony convictions lead to an automatic denial of a license in California.

  • Ann

    Hello! My name is Ann. I’m european, holding a bachelors degree in social and political sciences and masters in international management. I am planning on moving to California soon. I am non-US citizen at the moment and don’t hold a green card either yet. I have always been passionate about teaching and would love to build my teaching career in California, since that’s where I am planning on settling down..
    I’m 21. I’m not sure what would be the best option from me out of all . I’ve been researching a lot lately however I am not quite sure if I’m eligible for it, could you please assist me on this matter
    Thank you

  • Grace Wei

    I have a master’s degree in education in the UK, does it account for the teacher preparation program? Can I take the CBEST and CSET on tourist visa?

  • Ana Bermudez

    I taught 3rd grade math in science in Mississippi for a year and received my teaching credential in the state of Mississippi. However I had to move back to California for family reasons, what are my first steps?

  • BC

    hello :) i have a bachelor degree in Computer and Economics. After graduation, i was teaching in Asia for a year and a half. If i want to be a high school math teacher in CA, is there any credential specialist that I can contact ? Thanks so much !

  • Quinton

    Hi there and thanks for the help! I own a BA in English and want to start teaching. I passed the CBEST test but I’m stuck on where to go from there. Unfortunately I do not have any real-life teaching experience. What are my next steps? Thank you so much!

  • Michael Papaik

    I am a retired scientist with university level teaching experience and high school tutoring experience. I have decided to earn a credential to teach high school math. I am open to multiple subject teaching, however. I have been provisionally accepted to Sonoma State’s credential program, but have been unable to complete the CSET requirement in time to enter the Fall curriculum. Can you recommend an alternative path to earning the credential. I don’t want to forestall progress for another year. Cheers.

  • Simon Torres

    I am also a certified forklift instructor.

  • Andrew

    I am interested in teaching at the University level in California. I have a BA and JD with some teaching experience. Is there a specific credential I need?

    Thank You!