Becoming an ESL educator requires hands-on learning. Upon admission to the program, our dedicated team of placement specialists will work with you to find a USC-approved placement site in or near your community. We will identify a guiding teacher at your placement site to mentor you and ensure that you meet teaching benchmarks.

Teacher Practice and Preparation

By the end of your field experience, you will have:

  • The skills and confidence to assume responsibility for the full course load in your host classroom
  • A teaching portfolio demonstrating the skills and knowledge gained during Application of Curriculum and Instruction (ACAI)
  • A video recording of your teaching performance for evaluation by instructors and peers as part of the final review process

Integrating Theory and Practice

Fieldwork is integrated throughout the entire program, so you’ll have a number of opportunities to apply what you learn to real-world school settings near you.

MAT–TESOL online fieldwork is structured to support your professional development through live observations, small-group assignments and real-world teaching both virtually and in a classroom with English-language learners (ELL) around the world.

Term 1

Tutor a language learner, conduct video-based observations, and design and administer a classroom-based assessment.

Term 2

Observe classrooms and conduct a mini-ethnographic case study of an English-language learner.

Term 3

Design and co-lead online and in-person learning experiences with partner classroom sites, conduct expert interviews, and complete a summative assessment.

Credential-Seeking Students

If you are pursuing a credential, you will also participate in co-teaching, group work and student teaching in terms 2 and 3. You will be expected to work with World Languages-credentialed teachers at your placement site for four full days every week (from 30 minutes before the bell to 30 minutes after the bell, Monday through Thursday).

Field Placement Availability

Your school placement will be during regular school hours, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday, in accordance with your site supervisor’s schedule. We are unable to arrange exclusive summer, evening or weekend placement.

Fieldwork Support

You’ll have the support you need to become a successful teacher. Throughout your fieldwork, you will receive constant feedback from your professor, host teachers and classmates. You will be encouraged to take risks, try new pedagogies and sharpen your TESOL instructional skills in a safe, supportive environment.