Master of Education in Enrollment Management and Policy online program

Designed for working professionals, the Master of Education in Enrollment Management and Policy online (EMP online) program will prepare you to lead efforts in admission, enrollment, financial aid, orientation, student retention and strategic enrollment planning at colleges, universities and private preparatory schools. Taught by some of the most respected enrollment leaders in the field, the program is delivered in an interactive online format.

Prepare for Leadership in Enrollment Management

More than ever before, enrollment leaders and practitioners in the field require formal education and skills to be effective institutional leaders. While a typical path to education in enrollment is a few classes as part of a broad higher education degree, the EMP online program is a comprehensive graduate program focused exclusively on enrollment management.


The EMP online program links theory, research and practice in all areas related to enrollment management including organizational management, admission and institutional positioning, financial aid and institutional finance, legal issues, diversity and student retention. Enrollment management analytics and strategic planning are also examined. All topics are explored from a framework of educational access for all.

The EMP online program will prepare you to:

  • Develop plans, strategies and policies for admission recruitment.
  • Strategically use campus-based financial aid with an understanding of legal implications.
  • Implement successful socialization and transition practices for new students while adapting recruitment and orientation strategies for transfer students.
  • Identify how rankings and organizational resources influence admission models.
  • Recognize the role of institutional and student factors in retention and success.
  • Manage admission marketing efforts.
  • Interpret and apply institutional enrollment research.

Program Specifications

The Master of Education in Enrollment Management and Policy online program requires a minimum of 30 units and can be completed in 21 months. The program is designed for working professionals with courses that take place online in the late afternoon or evening. You will enroll in two courses per term.

Online Learning Experience

Classes are conducted live in a real-time virtual classroom environment. The live sessions are facilitated by faculty and include highly interactive, engaging and collaborative discussions. Prior to attending live sessions, you will complete assignments submitted through the learning management system.