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How to Become an Elementary School Teacher

Elementary school teachers are creative, enthusiastic, organized, and able to bring out the best in children in grades K–5. They inspire a love of learning and nurture curious minds. Through a combination of coursework at the undergraduate and graduate levels, real-world classroom experiences, and continuing education, individuals can build the skills and expertise they need to succeed in an elementary school teaching career.

How to Navigate the Path to Become an ESL Teacher

If you’re interested in becoming an English as a second language teacher, here’s information to help you get started.

SPEAK UP: Opening a Dialogue with Youth About Racism

Students start almost 40 percent of conversations about race. USC Rossier’s latest is a collection of interviews and resources to help facilitate discussions about identity, inequality and education for children of color.

How to Help Students Who Change Schools

While many students successfully navigate the process of changing schools, some find this life change more disruptive than others. Learn how adults can help ease the transition.

7 Reasons Why Digital Literacy is Important for Teachers

Our shift toward a tech-savvy workforce has permeated the classroom. Here's your crash course in the importance of digitally literate teachers.

11 Digital Literacy Myths, Debunked

Let's address — and debunk — the public's misconceptions about digital literacy.