As a student in one of our master’s degree programs, you will experience the early integration of meaningful fieldwork in your courses. Specific assignments and projects will help you apply what you learn throughout your program in real-world settings. You also will have the chance to better understand your own teaching practice through the kinds of student interactions that only take place in an actual classroom.

If you are an aspiring teacher, our Placement Team will place you in a school in your community to complete your fieldwork experiences, which include observations and two 10-week sessions of Guided Practice, our version of student teaching.

If you are a current teacher, you will complete fieldwork in your own classroom, as well as a Capstone project that involves implementing an action-research project in an area of your own interest.

We have a dedicated Placement Team that will work with you to secure a placement in a school that is close to your home. We work with more than 4,200 placement partners and are continually adding more to ensure every one of our students is placed in a school in their community that is dedicated to excellence in teacher preparation.

Please select your program of interest for more detailed field experience information:

Map illustrates where USC Rossier students in the online MAT and MAT – TESOL graduate programs have been placed in the United States and abroad; the number of students in each geographic location; and total placement sites.

Total Placement Sites (5,500+); By Geographic Location: Pacific Northwest (350+), Central Pacific (2,800+), Southwest Pacific (250+), Southwest (150+); Midwest (400+); New England (300+), North Atlantic (300+), South Atlantic (750+), and Total International (500+).

Strategic Partners

The USC Rossier School of Education develops strong partnerships with school districts and organizations across the country, and together we are working to improve teacher education and K–12 learning in our schools.

Through these strategic partnerships, we are able to provide our candidates with opportunities for development and employment. USC Rossier candidates can benefit from quality field experience in partner locations and may be considered for teaching positions after graduation. In turn, our partners:

  • Observe and evaluate potential teaching candidates.
  • Gain access to the USC Rossier alumni network of highly qualified teachers.
  • Participate in USC Rossier education seminars and professional development opportunities.

Partners also have the chance to evaluate candidates throughout field placement. This means they are able to hire USC Rossier graduates who they have had the opportunity to develop and train.

Learn more about our strategic partners.