Online Learning

Think you know online learning? Think again!

Unlike other online learning experiences, our graduate degree programs blend live, online classes with immersive self-paced coursework. Our platform uses online teaching technology that promotes collaboration and connection among educators around the world.

Through our state-of-the-art learning platform, you will have access to:

  • A face-to-face learning environment where faculty and peers participate in scheduled class sessions each week.
  • An exceptional educational experience with a student-to-faculty ratio of approximately 15:1.
  • Self-paced coursework developed by university faculty and world-class instructional designers.
  • USC Rossier faculty, who maintain regular live, online office hours.
  • A collaborative online community that uses familiar social networking, groups and organizational tools.
  • A unique online portfolio that showcases your evolving skills and experience to prospective employers.
  • Flexible learning from anywhere you have access to the Internet, including your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

USC Rossier embraces emerging technologies to create a truly collaborative and engaging online learning experience for educators across the country and around the world.

Mobile Application

Take 2SC with You Wherever You Go

Through USC Rossier’s state-of-the-art mobile application, 2SC, students have access to our flexible learning platform from their iPhone, iPad or Android device. The 2SC app brings all the functionality of our learning management system directly to students’ fingertips, allowing them to:

  • Interact directly with other students and professors
  • Browse updates from classmates and professors, and post their own
  • Upload photos and check in with groups
  • Review course materials and course videos — both online and offline
  • Access videos and course content, including all readings, assignments and videos, even without an Internet connection
  • Take notes and complete coursework directly in the app
  • Submit projects and assignments
  • Set reminders for upcoming due dates, events and more

Mobile Offline Mode

To ensure that students can truly access their coursework from anywhere, any time, the 2SC app features an innovative Mobile Offline Mode. This feature allows students to download coursework assignments to their mobile device and complete them without the need for an Internet connection. All progress is saved while working offline, and automatically syncs to a student's account once a connection is reestablished.