#140edu Day 2 Recap: Links & Resources

The #140edu Conference kicked off yesterday at the 92nd Street Y in New York City and wrapped up today. If you missed my post yesterday, #140edu is an event created to model the original #140conf, which saw its inaugural occurrence back in June 2009. The event zones in on education NOW and provides a platform for educators, parents, students, administrators, school boards, together with anyone and everyone with a vested interest in the state of education a chance to be heard, and it becomes a space for ideas to be shared and explored.

First of all, let me say a big THANK YOU to Jeff Pulver and Chris Lehmann for making the event possible. It was inspiring to see hundreds of educators, admins, students, parents and others connect not only via social media, but in a real physical space. If you couldn’t make it, no worries, the entire event can be found live streaming via USTREAM.

Here are some highlights from today, which include great images, videos and resources:

  1. Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal), Principal, New Milford High School, NJ
    Eric shared an amazing presentation that was hopefully watched by administrators around the globe. Eric has taken a real lead in the social media revolution for schools by encouraging it, using it and connecting globally with other educators. I’m in awe! Thanks for this great resource: The Conversation Prism
  2. Lynn Langit (@llangit), Co-Founder of Teaching Kids Programming
    Lynn you are an inspiration! First of all, Lynn’s laid-back presentation presence worked perfect for her message; she simply stated that programming is fun and it’s not only for boys. In fact, programming is so intriguing to students, that they are willing to give up their lunch break to code more! In the past 18 months she has taught 1000+ students programming — this all coming from a woman who was told as a child, “Oh honey, girls don’t do math.” Please, please, please check out Lynn’s site, Teaching Kids Programming.
  3. Tom Krieglstein (@tomkrieglstein), Founder of Swift Kick, creator of #SAchat and organizer of The NYEdTech Meetup
    Tom’s presentation was nothing less than standing-ovation worthy (that’s right Tom, you deserve it)! Tom’s metaphor relating great social interactions and communities to a good versus bad dance was flawless. Think about this: Good dance vs bad dance –- similar to a college campus, the more lines communities create and the more connections we have within our culture, the more opportunity we have to engage. Check out Tom’s Dance Floor Theory, I promise you won’t be disappointed.
  4. Erik Endress (@erikendress), Interactive & Social Media Specialist, New Jersey School Boards Assn.
    Erik captured his audience immediately. In today’s world, we face some scary realities, one of the most grim being school shootings. Erik’s grave presentation asked the audience to step into the shoes of a teacher or student trapped in an auditorium during a school shooting — the lights were turned off, a clock was placed on the large screen in front of us and gun shots sounded around the room (via speakers). We were essentially experiencing a simulated shooting with no access to phones, internet or anything digital. Social media, tools like phones, and the internet, should have been the first sources of alert in a tragic situation. This presentation gave me goosebumps.
  5. Gregory Corbin (@JustGregPoet), Executive Director, Philly Youth Poetry Movement (PYPM)

    Gregory was not only enthusiastic and engaging, but he was quite inspiring! Imagine if your math teacher cared so much about your love of poetry that he bought you a bus ticket from Philly to New York City (a place you’d never been before) and gave you the opportunity to participate in a poetry contest. Gregory did this with some of his students who had never left the ten blocks of South Philly they grew up in. Wow! The premise of Gregory’s work with poetry came to him one day when he thought about what he liked and what helped him learn: rap, music, poetry — so naturally, he used these venues in his math classes to help students learn. Check out the PYPM YouTube Channel and get ready to be inspired!


Please join me in thanking everyone for making this event possible. After two days, I feel inspired, lucky and much more informed about how far we’ve come and how much harder we have to work to improve education. I thank Michael Margolis (@getstoried) for my new favorite take-away pertaining to social media, education and self-development:
When we are “seen” we feel understood — we fall in love with that person or they become our BFF.

Here’s to more people “seeing” each other, more people falling in love and more BFFs.