A Community within the World

After reflecting about my experience getting my master of arts in teaching thus far, I realize I am truly connected to a greater community.  This greater community is USC and the USC community is everywhere.  Last week I was at Disneyland and proudly noted many people had on USC hats or t-shirts.  I had an extreme sense of pride and was delighted to be part of the greater USC community.

In addition, during my first course (A Framing Experience, or Educ 516) in the MAT@USC program, I was required to do observations in a school.  One of the assignments was to interview the principal.  I did a little research about the principal before I spoke with him and felt like I knew as much as I could about him.  However, during the interview he saw my USC folder and asked where I was going to graduate school.  I told him USC.  His face lit up and he cried, “I went to USC too!”  We talked some more and I found out he had done his undergraduate as well as doctoral studies at USC.  Immediately, we were connected.  He reminisced about attending football games, student life, and the many hard hours of studying he put in while at USC.  After talking to this principal, we have had the opportunity to build an excellent rapport, shaking hands and adamantly proclaiming, “Fight On!” every time we see each other.  I attribute this to USC.  USC will open many doors and continually support you, whether in class or in the business world.