Book Review: Roadmap, The Get-it-Together Guide for Figuring Out What to Do with Your Life

What are you going to do with your life?

It’s a question we cannot escape. At every age and in every chapter of our lives, friends, relatives, mentors, co-workers and our inner selves ask some form of this question. Roadmap, The Get-it-Together Guide for Figuring Out What to Do with Your Life addresses the prominence of this question and features tips and anecdotes on how readers can tackle the question themselves.

A Roadmap to the Life You Want

Roadmap is the latest book by Roadtrip Nation. Rooted in the wisdom of more than 300 leaders, Roadmap is a comprehensive guide that can help readers realize their potential, determine their life goals and put their ideas into action.

Roadmap is not a follow-your-passion manifesto or a dreamy chart to quick success, but a practical and comprehensive workbook that offers readers tips and unique ideas on how to incorporate their interests into their career and lead the life they envision for themselves. Every tip in the book is supported with a real-life example from working professionals.

“It’s not a one-size-fits all, it’s not a step-by-step recipe, but an approach to life that people are taking.” – Nathan Gebhard, Co-founder and Creative Director, Roadtrip Nation

Roadmap for Educators

While Roadmap is geared toward any individual of any age who is looking to define his or her own path in life, the book is especially useful for educators. More specifically, the book includes helpful themes and activities for educators to help students build valuable life skills and expand their future career opportunities.

For example, the activity at the end of Chapter 1, “The Invisible Assembly Line,” includes several questions that the reader can fill in to imagine what his or her life will be like in 5, 10 and 15 years if they continue to listen to other people’s opinions (also known as noise) and expectations they have from their family and friends. It includes questions like “Is my job interesting?” and “Who is with me along the way?”

In Chapter 14, “Roadmap,” the reader is asked to create his or her own diagram connecting his or her foundation and two core interests, then visit the online roadmap and punch in those variables to explore leaders that have careers that match the reader’s interests. For example, Roadtrip Nation Creative Director Nathan Gebhard wrote “building things” as his foundation and “design” and “technology” as his core interests. While the path was not always straight, he now works in a career that satisfies his foundation and core interests as a creative director.

Gebhard hopes Roadmap will help educators focus on connecting students’ interests with the skills they learn in class. “I hope [Roadmap] gives them the opportunity to empower students to be themselves. The difference between schooling and learning to me is interests and when an educator can find a way to connect that education with students’ actual interests — that’s a powerful piece.”

Nathan Gebhard draws his own diagram with his interests and core foundations.

Road Signs

The book is separated into three sections: “Let Go,” which helps readers assess what kind of life they are currently living and where it would go if they continue on that path, “Define,” which helps readers recognize their passions, current skill set and main motivation in life, and “Become,” which helps readers determine how to develop the skills necessary to build the life they want. Roadmap features activities throughout the book and seven larger projects at the end to help readers get started on their journey to accomplish their goals.

Roadmap is more than a book — it is filled with creative methods, solutions and activities for anyone looking to change careers, starting out in the workforce or looking to help empower students.

The Get-it-Together Guide for Figuring Out What to Do With Your Life

By Roadtrip Nation
368 pp. Chronicle Books. $19.95.