Connecting with my peers

My ability to connect with other individuals and my peers in a meaningful and reciprocal way has been awesome!  As I mentioned last week, the 2sc platform we use in the master of arts in teaching program is both user and socially friendly.  I have made some very good friends over the past couple months.  I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the globe!  The friendships I have made with my fellow MAT peers has benefited me socially and academically.  My peers are available any time of the day whether it is to exchange and proof read papers, further discuss course readings or expand on important contemporary issues.  Outside of the classroom environment, I know these peers support me personally as well.  We all stay connected through the telephone, classroom meetings, and writing on each other’s walls.  Furthermore, although some of your peers may be 3000+ miles away, you will also find there is the ability to connect locally as well.  I have already met one other student who lives in San Diego!  This program truly encourages peer communication and connection.