EdD Student Spotlight: Jin Michael Fung

Education: BS, MS, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Location: Hong Kong
Occupation: Director of Planning and Institutional Research,
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have three lovely children, and they are my pride and joy. I love bowling, skiing, hiking and sailing. I was educated in Singapore, the United States and China, and have extensive international experience. I am multi-lingual and have worked in Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States.

What initially attracted you to the Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership program?

I am passionate about leading organizational change, as it entails understanding, motivating and aligning people toward common goals. The EdD program in Organizational Change and Leadership fits perfectly with my personal and professional interests. I am looking to further hone my leadership skills by supplementing the experience and skills that I have gained in the workplace with relevant academic and practical knowledge, as well as learning through reflecting on the experiences of my fellow students and distinguished faculty.

Why did you choose an online program?

I am a busy professional and a committed family man, and the online program format allows me to continue with my priorities and commitments while pursuing further academic development. I considered other programs and formats, but they did not afford sufficient flexibility to allow me to juggle the competing demands for my time.

What is your current profession, and what do you hope to achieve with an EdD?

As a senior leader in higher education, I am looking to become even more effective in leading change within my current and future workplaces. A doctorate degree will provide me with additional credentials to move up in senior roles, and the skills and knowledge gained will be more broadly applicable to work settings beyond universities to other nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

How do you define organizational change? How do you define leadership?

High-performance teams and organizations comprise passionate and motivated individuals who excel in their own area of work to contribute to a larger goal. To me, being an effective leader is being able to harness the skills and bring out the best in each and every person on the team and creating an environment that is conducive to experimentation and change.